In the time I was waiting for my account to be activated to blog I have gotten through the following:

 Chapters 1-6 in Visual C# Step by Step
 I’ve had experience in C and programming from some classes I had taken and only needed some refreshing on C syntax. Most functions I was familiar with were replaced with functions specific to .Net but the change was easy enough.

 Chapter 7
 Classes were new to me and were difficult to understand from the book, but were better explained at this website: http://www.kirupa.com/net/oop_intro_classes_pg1.htm The site put the lesson into an example and overall just seemed much easier to follow.

 Chapters 8-11
 I had already seen the basics of this information in my previous classes, so I only looked over it quickly and did some example programs before moving to the video lessons. Most of what I knew still applied, with the exception of some slight syntax changes in working with 2d arrays.

 After chapter 11 I started on the video set “C# for Beginners”. Most of the first couple days was familiar, but it’s good to watch them anyway to get familiar with how the lessons are explained. The lessons are easy to follow. I made it through Day 5, Day 6 was corrupt.