Computers have bad days

I turned on my laptop when I got in yesterday morning to see “Operating System not found”, the computers language for saying my boot record just got added to the list of data corruption. Being the 3rd time this year it’s had a catastrophe I got tired of fighting the Intel-Sony hardware combinations I have. It’s a Sony Vaio AR-770, so being Sony drivers are only available for the OS shipped with it (Vista). Then being a Vaio most drivers direct from the manufacturers won’t install. In particular I seemed to be having problems with my disk controller. It’s Intel, ICH8 for RAID, and cannot be disabled for a non-raid setup. I decided to try something different since I’ve had good experiences with the laptop under Linux. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 with Virtualbox running Windows 7 in a seamless environment. Everything worked even at first boot. Kind of weird being able to program .Net 4 framework applications from seems to be directly within a Linux desktop.