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About Us

Original 8-Bit Orchestra

The 8-Bit Orchestra is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting video game music as an art form.¬†Founded in the spring of 2013 by Tyler Modesto and Arizona Prinkey, the formation of this orchestra was inspired by the University of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra, a group that also performs video game music. Since its formation, the orchestra has nearly doubled in size, with most traditional (and some non-traditional) instruments represented. At around 70 members, we are the largest student-run music group at the University of Delaware.

The orchestra performs at least once a semester, playing original arrangements of video game music. All music for the orchestra is arranged in-house, by members of the orchestra itself, or other students at the university. Since its founding, the orchestra has hosted seven major concerts, as well as made appearances at events such as International Games Day and CAGDstravaganza. For details about upcoming performances, check out our Facebook page.