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Breathing Techniques From Our GEM Curriculum

Get in an upright seated position with your back straight, feet flat on the floor and roll
your shoulders back, making sure you can breathe easily.

Close your eyes and imagine
that you’re sitting or standing on the beach watching the waves come onto the beach,
followed by them getting dragged back into the ocean.

INHALE deeply, allowing your stomach and chest to fill with air and imagine you’re
drawing a wave up onto the sand.
EXHALE slowly and calmly, pushing the air out of your body and imagine the water
receding back into the ocean.
Repeat 5x!

This breathing exercise allows us to clear our heads and focus our attention
on the waves and our breathing.

Did You Know?

Did you know that only a quarter of students report that vaping poses a great risk, while nearly two-thirds of students believe that there is great risk in smoking a pack of cigarettes?

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Comprehensive Vape Counter Marketing Campaigns Webinar
Wednesday, January 24.202412 pm- 1 pm
A FREE webinar presented by: Mike Cordrey & Alex Parkowski,  Directors of AB&C’s Behavior Change Division AB&C has worked on tobacco prevention and control campaigns in Delaware for over twenty years.
 During this time, they have seen combustible cigarette smoking plumet particularly among Delaware’s youth. In recent years, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data shows that the use of vape products has increased exponentially among youth nationally and in the NE Region. AB&C developed a two-pronged approach to tackle the vape issue. Participants will learn about the campaign targeting parents, caregivers, and teachers to educate them on the data, new products and created resources to help persuade youth to not vape. Explore a social media based vape counter marketing campaign targeting Delaware’s youth that runs on Instagram and Tik Tok. AB&C will present the data, strategy and creative used for these campaigns. 

Please register to attend webinar. A link to webinar will be sent to you via email on Monday, January 24.
If you have any questions please reach out to Kim Silva.
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Learn About Vaping

Become a Health & Wellness Ambassador

Health & Wellness Ambassadors: Now Registering!  
What are Health & Wellness Ambassadors? 

Delaware 4-H Health & Wellness Ambassadors are official representatives and promoters of holistic healthy living, including fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and substance use prevention.

Ultimate Goals of Health & Wellness Ambassadors:  
Learn about and promote healthy lifestyle choices
 Create media about healthy living
Community outreach & education
Asset building, education, and promotion
Create and facilitate community change
 Who should join?

 Teens ages 13-18 interested in cultivating skills of health, wellness, and leading a healthy lifestyle! If you are looking for a way to gain professional or volunteer experience in health and wellness, this is for you!

What does becoming a Health and Wellness Ambassador Entail? 
Through registration you will be able to receive information on opportunities to get involved with promoting health and wellness in the Delaware community and register for our next training!
Our next meeting is Thursday, January 25, 2024 from 6- 7 pm via Zoom. We hope to see you there!
Questions about joining? Contact Karen Johnston
It’s Fun
Register HERE
Meet Like Minded People!

Health and Wellness Ambassador Meetings

Holiday Plogging Success!

They collected over 70 pounds of garbage throughout the holiday competition!

They won the Holiday Contest– A $100 Amazon Gift Card!!

Kevin Andrews and his Grandson Carter, who together cleaned out several drains of debris in their neighborhood. They cleared up over 50 pounds of debris! Way to go guys!

Dates to Remember:

January 17th: Dover Youth Committee Free Community Dinner, 6 PM- 7:30PM, Dover DE.

January 25: Health and Wellness Ambassador Virtual Meeting, 6 PM- 7 PM.

February 26: Submissions for the FentAlert due. Follow the links above.

February 27th: Enrollment deadlines for Spring Session 1– both Walk w/ Ease and Walk+Roll.

April 9th: Enrollment deadlines for Spring Session 2– both Walk w/ Ease and Walk+Roll.