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Breathing Techniques From Our GEM Curriculum

5- Finger Breathing

For the exercise, you’re going to stretch your hand out like a star, with your fingers
spread apart and trace each finger using your other hand (as if we were tracing our
hands to make hand-turkeys) as we breathe.

We will start with our thumbs and end with
our pinky fingers.

Five Finger Breathing

Starting at the bottom of your thumb, INHALE through your nose for 2 seconds, tracing
the left side of your thumb from bottom to top.

HOLD for 1 second when you hit the tip of your thumb.

EXHALE through your mouth for 2 seconds, tracing down the right side of your thumb.

Next, move onto your pointer finger and keep going until you have finished tracing all

This type of breathing helps to calm our brain and allows us to get in-tune with our
breathing, senses, and surroundings.

Plogging for the Holidays!🎄🎁✨

DE 4-H is sponsoring a special holiday Plogging competition!

The top three largest amounts of trash collected will receive Amazon gift card prizes- $100, $50 and $25 will be awarded.

Plog anytime from November 22nd to December 15th. 

To be eligible for the awards you must fill out the form below and then email picture of you and your collection of trash to or upload through google within this form before December 18th.

Fill Out This Form: Holiday Plogging

We love that everyone is actively plogging for your heath and the planet’s.

Happy Plogging and Happy Holidays!

(By sending us you picture you are giving your permission to post it on our website.)

Did You Know?

What’s Inside of a Vaping Device?

Did you know that in vaping devices, many things have been found, such as e-liquid, marijuana, nicotine, synthetic marijuana, and other drugs?


FentAlert: Contest Flyer

Rules and Judging Criteria Link

Learn How to Enter Link


How much are teens using technology? Where are they spending their time online? A recent Pew Research Center report lays out the current “ever-changing” digital landscape and pervasive presence of social media.

Nearly all teens ages 13-17 have access to a smartphone. Ninety-five percent of teens now have smartphones, and this number has increased dramatically even while access to computers and other technologies remained the same.

YouTube is the most popular social media platform among those ages 13 to 17, with 95% of teens reporting that they use it. TikTok is in second place, with 67% of teens using it, and 16% of all teens report that they use TikTok “almost constantly.” Instagram and Snapchat both increased in use with 60% of teens, followed by X, Twitch, WhatsApp, Reddit, and Tumblr. Facebook use among teens dropped from 71% in 2015 to 32% in 2023.

Teens’ use of certain social media platforms also varies by gender. Teen girls are more likely than teen boys to use TikTok (73% vs. 60%), Instagram (69% vs. 55%) and Snapchat (64% vs. 54%). Boys are more likely than girls to use YouTube (97% vs. 92%), Twitch (26% vs. 13%) and Reddit (20% vs. 8%).

Fifty-four percent of teens say it would be difficult for them to give up social media. A majority of teens reported that they experience:

Feeling more connected to what is going on in their friends’ lives (80%)
That they have a place where they can show their creative side (71%)
That they have people who can support them through tough times (67%)
That they are more accepted (58%)

However, when it comes to negative experiences, 38% of teens say that what they see on social media makes them feel overwhelmed because of all the drama.

LifeSmarts has excellent lessons to educate teens and parents on safe and responsible social media use including  “Ten Things I Wish My Parents Knew about Social Media” and “Be Smart About What You Share”.

GOLO Announces $10K Donation to the University of Delaware 4-H Program to Support Healthy Living Initiatives

As part of our ongoing commitment to support community-based health and wellness initiatives, GOLO, the pioneering wellness solutions company, recently donated $10K to the University of Delaware 4-H Program. The funds will support various educational programs managed by the University of Delaware 4-H, specifically initiatives emphasizing the importance of health and nutrition.

“We have long admired the contributions made by The University of Delaware 4-H Program to families in the community,” says Jennifer Brooks, President, GOLO LLC. “Our donation will help to support their efforts in the areas of healthy living and nutrition education.”

The goal of the Delaware 4-H program is to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility, and life skills of youth through a positive youth development approach. The program incorporates the National 4-H Essential Elements that include creating an environment where youth feel a sense of belonging, have an opportunity to master skills, practice independence, and develop a spirit of generosity. 4-H members are involved in long-term learning experiences with peers and adult volunteers while participating in interactive, hands-on learning and innovative opportunities as they grow and work together as catalysts for positive change. 

“Healthy Living is one of the three national mission mandates for the 4-H youth development program, and we continually strive to provide important knowledge, information, and real-life experiences to our 4-H youth in this area,” says Doug Crouse, State 4-H Youth Development Leader. “The University of Delaware 4-H Program looks forward to this unique partnership with GOLO to support our 4-H youth members with valuable initiatives around health, nutrition, and wellness.”

Headquartered in Newark, Delaware, GOLO empowers individuals and communities by helping them take control of their health and wellness. The company’s donation to the University of Delaware 4-H will support a range of programming in Kent, Sussex, and New Castle Counties.

Visit to access all the weight loss tools GOLO has to offer!


Check out the blog with pictures: MORE INFORMATION

For Healthy Fruits and Vegetable Information Check out Our WELLNESS PAGE

Prevention Learning Portal

Become a Health & Wellness Ambassador

Health & Wellness Ambassadors: Now Registering!  
What are Health & Wellness Ambassadors? 

Delaware 4-H Health & Wellness Ambassadors are official representatives and promoters of holistic healthy living, including fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and substance use prevention.

Ultimate Goals of Health & Wellness Ambassadors:  
Learn about and promote healthy lifestyle choices.
 Create media about healthy living
Community outreach & education
Asset building, education, and promotion
Create and facilitate community change 
Who should join?
 Teens ages 13-18 interested in cultivating skills of health, wellness, and leading a healthy lifestyle!
If you are looking for a way to gain professional or volunteer experience in health and wellness, this is for you!

What does becoming a Health and Wellness Ambassador Entail? 
Through registration you will be able to receive information on opportunities to get involved with promoting health and wellness in the Delaware community and register for our next training!
Our next meeting is Thursday, January 25, 2024 from 6- 7 pm via Zoom. We hope to see you there!
Questions about joining? Contact Karen Johnston
It’s fun!
Register HERE
Meet new Like Minded People

Health and Wellness Ambassador Meetings

Steam Team Logo

The STEAM Team is here to provide lessons, activities, curriculum support for Delaware teachers, leaders, afterschool programs and 4-H communities. Our overall goal is to teach youth leadership skills and STEAM-themed topics to bring back to their communities. 


Joining the STEAM Team means you are a youth interested in becoming a STEAM Ambassador—learning STEAM-themed lessons to take back to your youth group, school or community. You, the “STEAM Ambassador,” will lead by teaching a STEAM-based lesson/activity to others!

Twila is your point of contact. She will guide you through becoming a STEAM Ambassador. Get you set up with lesson topics and materials and guide you through the process of taking on the role of a leader in STEAM education. 

STEAM Ambassadors will meet on Zoom with Twila, learn a STEAM topic and bring it back to their youth groups, schools and communities!


Parents, grandparents, college students, high school seniors — We need you!

This STEAM Team is developed to get our Delaware youth thinking innovatively, we need youth to use their talents, and develop their intelligence working collaboratively. Are you someone who is interested in positively impacting our youth and community?

Volunteers are crucial to this program. You do not need a background in STEAM to be part of this experience. On the STEAM TEAM, youth drive their learning while volunteers offer support and guidance. If you are interested please fill in the Form linked below and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Volunteers are still needed for the same reason: Adults wanting to interact with youth and share their love for STEAM education. Volunteers will attend the same STEAM Team Ambassadors Zoom and learn a STEAM topic to take back and teach to their schools and communities.

For more Information: STEAM VOLUNTEER

Stump Corner 4-H Club Plogging

Stump Corner 4-H Club Plogged over 50 Pounds of trash in November- Way to Go Gang!

 Gerry McVey shared his November Plogging experience with us.

“I collected approximately 20 pounds of assorted materials mostly plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bags, 10-15 small plastic bottles of some sort of alcohol Styrofoam boxes and other assorted trash. I was Plogging in my development of Scottfield and the bulk of the bottles and cans were found behind the Chestnut Hill shopping center.”

November’s $100 Amazon Plogging Gift Card Goes to…

Gerry McVey

Congratulations Gerry!

Dates To Remember:

December 18: Plogging for the Holiday submissions due through the link above.

January 25: Health and Wellness Ambassador Virtual Meeting; 6pm-7pm

February 26: Submissions for the FentAlert due. Follow the links above.