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Breathing Techniques From Our GEM Curriculum

Lion’s Breath 🦁

To do this breathing exercise, find a comfortable seated position. To get into the position
of the Lion, lean slightly forward and place your hands on your knees or the floor to
support you, spreading your fingers as wide as possible.

INHALE through your nose
Open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue, and stretch it down toward your chin
EXHALE forcefully, carrying the breath all the way to the tip of your tongue.
While exhaling, make a “haaa” sound that comes from deep within your abdomen.
Breath normally for a few moments.
Repeat 5x!

Finish by breathing deeply for 1 minute, allowing our bodies to find it’s normal breathing
rhythm again and provide calming sensations to your body and brain.

Family Pressure

Did you know that approximately 16% of students report living with an adult who vapes at home?

Summer Health & Wellness Ambassadors: 

Now Registering!

What are Health & Wellness Ambassadors? 

Delaware 4-H Health & Wellness Ambassadors are official representatives and promoters of holistic healthy living, including fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and substance use prevention.

Ultimate Goals of Health & Wellness Ambassadors:  

Learn about and promote healthy lifestyle choices 

Create media about healthy living

Community outreach & education

Asset building, education, and promotion

Create and facilitate community change

Who should join?

 Teens ages 13-18 interested in cultivating skills of health, wellness, and leading a healthy lifestyle! If you are looking for a way to gain professional or volunteer experience in health and wellness, this is for you!

What does becoming a Health and Wellness Ambassador Entail? 

Through registration you will be able to receive information on opportunities to get involved with promoting health and wellness in the Delaware community and register for our next training, Saturday June 10th 10:00am-2:00pm register by May 31st

Questions about joining? Contact Alyssa Whittaker

There are two walking programs offered by UD Cooperative Extension

Register before it’s too late

Walk With Ease is a basic, evidence-based fitness program focused on walking. It is available via Zoom in English or e-mail in English and Spanish.

Register by May 24th for Walk With Ease:

Walk+Roll are community-based physical activity clubs, located in each county.

Register by May 29th for Walk+Roll:

Our Plogging on the Pomeroy Trail Event was a Great Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Plog on the beautiful spring day!

We collected over 255 pounds of trash!!!!

Special Shouts Out go to Highmark, American Lung Association, YES members and New Castle County 4-H for their participation!

And A Special Thank You

Thank you to Abby Reeves for capping off our Plogging on Pomeroy event with a tour of the  Fresh to You Farm and a sampling of fresh picked Easter Egg Radishes! We look forward to checking out in the summer season!

This Month’s $100 Amazon Plogging Gift Card Goes to…

We are giving out 2 separate $1oo Gift Cards this month as a special thank you for all of those who participated in out Palmeroy Trail Plogging Event.

The Youth Gift Card Goes to…

4-H Plogger


The Adult Gift card Goes to…

Highmark Plogger


Way To Go!