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DVPS Program

Domestic Violence Prevention and Services Program

Our inaugural year of the Domestic Violence Prevention and Services Program has been a great success.  This project, while serving survivors of domestic violence, has also led to the development of a new community.   This new community brings together individuals and organizations from state, corporate and non-profit sectors, academics and advocates, as well as students and survivors.

We have experienced tremendous growth this year.  Since our launch in September we have over thirty students enrolled in the Domestic Violence Prevention and Services Program.  We are attracting academically competitive and socially active students.  They possess both a commitment to academic excellence and to social service.  As student activists they demonstrate the many ways that theory informs practice. Through practicums and internships our students have already provided close to 4000 hours of direct service to survivors of domestic violence.

Please see the link above to go directly to the DVPS page at the University of Delaware.

You may also contact Dr. Jennifer Naccarelli in the Women and Gender Studies Department.


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