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Advisement in Women and Gender Studies

At Women and Gender Studies, we believe that students benefit from a close working relationship with a faculty advisor. We encourage students to meet with their advisor on a regular basis.

Women and Gender Studies majors are advised by faculty in Women and Gender Studies. Minors are advised by Dr. Jennifer Naccarelli, Associate Chair of Women and Gender StudiesĀ  and minors in Sexualities and Gender Studies are advised by the coordinator of that program, Dr. Claire Rasmussen.

When students enter the major they will be asked to meet with Dr. Naccarelli to discuss their academic plans and career goals. At that meeting, they will be assigned a permanent advisor.


Q: Can’t I figure out what courses I need to take by reading the on-line course catalog?

A: Yes. However, it always helps to discuss your plans with someone who knows the requirements and can suggest alternatives and offer insight into special opportunities that might not appear in the catalog. Perhaps a new experimental course is about to be offered and it meets your specific academic goals. Maybe your advisor knows of a faculty member who may be able to offer an independent study that would benefit you.

Q: My friend completed a Women and Gender Studies major. Can’t I just get advice from her?

A: This plan may backfire. Perhaps requirements have changed since your friend completed them. Maybe your friend is misinformed about some aspect of the major, or has forgotten something important about her program of study. It is always a good idea to check things out with your advisor.

Q: I met with my advisor once and got good information. Why should I set up regular appointments?

A: Your advisor can help you better if she knows you better. Use your advisor as a mentor. This is someone who understands Women’s Studies and can help you plan your future. Also, the best letters of recommendation come from people who know you well.

Q: Who are the faculty members who serve as advisors in Women and Gender Studies?

A: Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen, Dr. Sue Cherrin, Dr. Marie Laberge, Dr. Jeannie Pfaelzer, Dr. Alvina Quintana, Dr. Jessica Schiffman, Dr. Margaret Stetz, and Dr. Kathy Turkel.

Q: Can I change my advisor?

A: Yes. All you need to do is contact Dr. Naccarelli. You may change advisors for any reason.

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