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Women and Gender Studies Academics

The Department of  Women and Gender Studies offers several academic options for undergraduates and graduate students:

  1. Fall 2013 Course Offerings (subject to change)
  2. Summer 2013 Course Offerings
  3. Spring 2013 Course Offerings
  4. Winter 2013 Course Offerings

Typical Career Paths for Graduates:

Women and Gender Studies students can choose to specialize in the role of gender in business and industry, leading to entry-level positions in advertising, marketing research, human resources, or personnel management. Graduates also enter such fields as career counseling, crisis counseling and advocacy for women, women’s law and policy organizations, and family planning and health centers. There are an increasing number of academic placements available in secondary education and college settings.

Under the new concentration in Domestic Violence Prevention and Services, students will be prepared to enter a variety of positions related to gender violence.

For More Information about Women and Gender Studies click on this link to see our Learning Goals.

If you would like to explore the possibility of a major, double major, an interdepartmental major, an honors degree, a concentration, or a minor in Women and Gender Studies, Sexuality and Gender Studies, Domestic Violence Prevention and Services, or Women in a Global Perspective please contact:

Jennifer Naccarelli
Assistant Professor and Associate Chair
Women and Gender Studies Department
34 West Delaware Ave.
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302)831-8474, Fax: (302)831-4341

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