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Our goal in Employee Health & Wellbeing is to meet the needs of our faculty and staff. To help ensure that all employees, retirees, and spouses are able to continue engaging in healthy behaviors and participate in the programs they love, we are rolling out a new Wellness Dollar Model: The All-Access Membership.

The All-Access Membership will allow for an annual one-time 75 Wellness Dollar payment to enroll for all programs throughout the year. Programs listed in the All-Access Membership cannot be purchased individually.

The $75 membership will include:

  • A full year of employee fitness classes
  • Fall and spring programs — e.g., Walktober
  • Wellbeing Workshops — e.g., Life In Balance
  • Lifestyle Improvement Series — e.g., cooking classes
  • Campus-wide health campaigns
    • Free screenings for Diabetes Awareness Month (November)
    • The STAR Health Nutritious Newark Cook-Off (February)
    • Benefits Fair (May)

The All-Access Membership does not include:

  • Fitness services (personal training, fitness assessments)
  • Individual health screenings
  • Specialty programs


Walktober Registration Begins: 9/11

Walktober Starts: 9/25
October is ideal for walking — the temperatures are cool and the colors are spectacular. Making the most of this great season, Walktober is a month-long campaign designed to inspire everyone to make walking a priority — in October and beyond.

Wellbeing on the Green: 9/26, 10-1pm
Join us for an interactive morning of wellbeing including biometric screenings and more! Stay tuned for final offerings.


Basics of Running: 9/12, 12:15pm, STAR Health Room 231
Topics will include running terrain, shoe wear, bio-mechanics, types of running, stretching/strengthening. SIGN UP HERE

The Art of Happiness: 9/20, 12:30-1:30pm, Alison Hall 222
Workshop will focus on the things all of us can do to increase our day-to-day happiness. Questions are welcome!

Commit to Being Fit: 10/10, 12:30-1:30pm, Alison Hall 222
Workshop will focus on true meaning of “fitness” and how you can achieve your optimal fitness. SIGN UP HERE

Anxiety, Health and Heart Disease 10/26, 5pm-6:30 pm, STAR HealthHow does anxiety affect your health in school, at work and at home? We will explain how stress and heart diseases are related and what education and prevention resources are available to us to manage stress. SIGN UP HERE

Nutrition/Diabetes: 11/14, 12:30-1:30pm, Alison Hall 222
Healthy holiday eating is tough especially for people with diabetes. Learn how to navigate the dinner table and what you can do whether you’re visiting for the holidays or cooking the big meals to ensure that your blood sugar stays steady. SIGN UP HERE

A patient-centered comprehensive healthcare team: 12/05, 5-6:30 pm, STAR Health
The most person in a healthcare team is the patient. This discussion will focus on the patient as the core of a comprehensive approach to healthcare. Learn how crucial communication is for driving excellence in care and how essential it is to interactions with your healthcare provider. SIGN UP HERE


ANEW (6 sessions): 
This program is aimed at helping women improve their health through nutrition, exercise and wellbeing group coaching sessions. These sessions will increase your overall understanding of personal nutrition and exercise and support healthy lifestyle change through targeted goal setting.

  • Session 1: 9/6-10/11, 5-6:30pm, STAR Health Campus SIGN UP HERE
  • Session 2: 10/3-11/7, 5-6:30pm, STAR Health NMPCC Betaxi Room SIGN UP HERE

Cooking Classes:

  • Lets Cook: Jamaican Cuisine: 11/8, 5-6:30pm
    Our Let’s Cook series is a chance for you to get in on the action!  Under the guidance and instruction of a dietitian-nutritionist and/or trained chef, you will work in small groups of 2 to 3 other participants to create one menu item. At the end, each group shares their dish for a collective feast!
  • Healthy U Cooking School:
    Classes are demonstration-based. Classes feature local dietitians and chefs from the UD area. The instructor provides recipes and offers tips, tricks and all the info you need to build on your cooking skills and recreate the same dishes at home.

    • Knife Skills: 9/27, 5pm
    • Saute: 10/25, 5pm
    • Sauces: 11/29, 5pm

Financial Workshops (3 parts), Trading Lab
Strategies for accumulating and preserving wealth during your career and after you retire.

  • Workshop 1: 11/1, 5pm: Making smarter investment decisions
  • Workshop 2: 11/8, 5pm: Are you nearing retirement?
  • Workshop 3: 11/15, 5pm: Why everyone needs an estate plan (not just the rich!)

Customized Workshops

If you have an idea for a customized workshop for your department or unit, let us know! We can customize a session specifically for your group.

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