Financial Wellbeing

Build your financial wellbeing by joining us for Money Smart Week.  For the first time, the University of Delaware Library will be participating in Money Smart Week (MSW).

Money Smart Week is a national public awareness campaign created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to educate the public about financial literacy. The 2017 MSW takes place April 22-29.

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Health Screenings at the Benefits Fair

The Know Your Numbers screening will tell you your Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Glucose, and Blood Pressure. This test is non-fasting and only takes about 10 minutes to get all of your results.

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Bike to Work Day

Join us on Friday, May 19th in Mentor Circle for National Bike to Work Day, Newark! Bike Newark is partnering with UD to move bicycling forward in Newark Delaware. Click below to learn more about the event, where you can meet with others to ride in, and more!

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If you are passionate about health and wellbeing, we would love for you to join our team of Ambassadors!

Fitness Classes

A fun, upbeat way to stay healthy and fit, and our classes are welcoming to all fitness levels and the instructors will tailor the class to meet your needs.


At the start of each semester, the program information will be released. Check the website often and sign-up early!

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Carpenter Sports Building

Visit the Recreation Services website for the most updated building hours and information.
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Aside from the fact you get to be active with your peers, the majority of classes are taught by UD employees. We have a variety of classes that are welcoming to all fitness levels.

Ryan Keenan

Coordinator, UD Employee Health & Wellbeing

Bring your best self to work each day.

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What Our Programs Can Do For Your Health

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“Walktober is the best…you are on a team and you are supported every day.  No excuses.”

“Great personal trainer with a wonderful understanding of what clients need to reach their goals. It was awesome working with Kait.”

“Jamie is great – always brings energy and gets you motivated!”

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+ Who is eligible to participate in Employee Health & Wellbeing Programs?
Employees, retirees, and their spouses are eligible to participate in our programs and services. Graduate and undergraduate students are not eligible to participate. Dependents are unable to participate in Employee Health and Wellbeing programs, but may use the facilities within Carpenter Sports Building, as long as a parent is present. Please review the Recreation Services Policies & Procedures Manual for more information.
+ What are Wellness Dollars?

Wellness Dollars are virtual dollars that you can spend on health and wellbeing programs. Full-time employees and retirees receiving benefits will get 75 Wellness Dollars per fiscal year. Employees working part-time and receiving benefits will get 38 Wellness Dollars per fiscal year.

How do I spend my Wellness Dollars?

Wellness Dollars can be used for Employee Health & Wellbeing programs and services. They are not real dollars and cannot be spent on items external to the University. Throughout the year, you will be able to use them for University-wide health challenges, health screenings, nutrition programs, personal training, fitness assessments, fitness classes, lockers and more. When you visit the program registration site, you will be able to use your Wellness Dollars. The system is set up to pull from your Wellness Dollar bank first. If you deplete your Wellness Dollars, you can pay out of pocket. If you do not use all of your Wellness Dollars by June 30, you lose them. You cannot roll them into the next year’s bank. Each July 1, you will start fresh with 75 Wellness Dollars.

Who can use Wellness Dollars?

You are the only one who can use your Wellness Dollars for programs and services. Although your spouse is able to participate in our programs, they cannot access your Wellness Dollar account. Spouses will pay the equivalent cost out of pocket. Wellness Dollars are non-transferable, which means you cannot give them to a co-worker if you are not planning to use them. Miscellaneous wage employees do not receive Wellness Dollars, however they can participate in Employee Health and Wellness programs by paying the equivalent out of pocket fee.

+ What other services do I have access to?

Recreation Services

Aside from the Employee Health & Wellbeing services offered, you are eligible to take the Recreation Services fitness classes or participate in their personal training program. Additionally, you have access to all of the facilities within the building. Please note that there may be times that facilities are reserved for classes or other events and may be unavailable to the public. Feel free to call the CSB front desk (831-8600) if you have any questions about facility use/reservation.

Lockers & Laundry Service

There are two locker rooms within Carpenter Sports Building. To rent a locker in the employee locker room, there is a small fee of $75 per year. Lockers are available for rent for the fiscal year starting in July. If you do not wish to purchase a locker in the employee locker room, there are general locker rooms for you to use. The CSB front desk can provide you with a lock for daily use. There is no fee associated with using the general locker room. You also have access to laundry service, for a fee of $60 per year. Laundry service includes daily washing & machine drying of your items in a mesh bag (provided), and a towel. Clean laundry is returned to a passcode-protected room on the main level. Lockers and laundry service can be rented online or in person at the cashier’s desk in the CSB.

+ Where is Employee Health & Wellbeing located?

Our Office

We are located in the Carpenter Sports Building, affectionately known as the Little Bob. You can access the CSB from North College Avenue or from Main Street.

Our program office is room 124, right across from the pool.

The Employee Fitness Center is just past our office, located in room 127 (between the 2 large gyms). Accessing the CSB In order to enter the CSB, you will need a valid University ID. When you enter through the main doors, simply swipe or tap your ID at the turnstiles for access to the building. Once in, you have access to all facilities within the CSB, provided there is not a scheduled event in a specific area.