Tools and Plugins

We've put together a list of tools to help you evaluate and update your web site for WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance.

Web Browser Add-ons and Extensions

The items listed below are recommendations only and not required. They have been tested within UD or recommended by other universities and organizations for reliability and efficiency. The University of Delaware does not offer support for 3rd party applications.

Google Chrome

Chrome extensions should work in any Chromium/Blink based browser ( Vivaldi, Chrome Canary, Opera Chrome Extension)

Mozilla Firefox

NOTE: Be aware when upgrading Firefox that as of version 57, add-ons are required to be built around the WebExtensions API. This means any legacy plugins developed using XUL/XPCOM API (prior to Firefox version 57) will not work.

Online Tools

These tools are browser based and only available online. Nothing to install.

Accessibility Bookmarklets

A bookmarklet is a link that contains Javascript. Below they are styled as buttons. To install a bookmarklet, the most common way is to drag and drop a bookmarklet link into your browser's bookmarks or favorites bar.

Accessibility for Mobile

This section contains resources for mobile devices and accessibility.

Accessibility for Applications

This section contains resources for Canvas, Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat/PDF files and accessibility.