Water Awareness Begins Now

This site was created out of a desire to bring awareness to a very limited resource:WATER.  If we don’t begin to increase our conservation and preservation of water today,we may find our future generations in desperate need of something we could have avoided for them.  We know that these changes will not happen without you and your help.  Thus,this site is made with you in mind.  For you to share your ideas and thoughts so together we can make a difference.

Visit the H2O Keeper page to pledge to do your part and start blogging your ideas to conserve and preserve our precious resource.

Visit the Water Walk page to learn how you can experience what others do every day to have a drink of water!  Then share your thoughts about doing it.

Geography Awareness Week (Nov. 14th-20th) –visit us at the kiosk in the Trabant Center on Nov. 17th or the Department of Geography,216 Pearson Hall all week to pick up stickers,pins,and goodies.

Visit our Cafepress shop where you  can find cool items like shirts,mugs,and accessories. Proceeds go to expanding the knowledge of water conservation.