Student Documentary

Students of Dr. Watchendorf’s SOCI 471 – Disasters, Vulnerability, and Development course will be showcasing their student films on May 16th.  I was interviewed for one of the films on environmental justice issues in urban areas.  All of the films, which are open to the public and UD community, focus on the environment and disaster related issues.  See the flier here for more detailed information.  Come celebrate each of the student films and their achievements!

Disaster Documentary Screening 2014

Academics Embodying the Conditions They Aim to Change

I enjoyed the read, for sure. With the Internet and online journalism, I like how visible “non-traditional” academics are these days, telling their stories that bring to life both their personal saga and the academic issues that they engage (and how the two are intricately intertwined). This is something that I have seen more recently in PhDs from the social sciences: people getting PhDs to institute social change, embodying the very issues that they strive to change. (in his case a master’s) It’s a complex and fascinating interplay.