The Social Movement to Increase Fast Food Wages

In addition to the alienating/dehumanizing aspects of working in the fast food industry, as noted by Marx, Weber, and Ritzer, low wages also prevent employees from fully realizing their human potential.  Here’s a look at the social movement to increase fast food workers’ wages:



Vaccines, Fist Bumps, & Coconut Water

I was recently interviewed by Richard Gordon, creator and host of Campus Voices at the University of Delaware, about my work on the rhetoric of anti-science.  Have a listen:

Many thanks to Richard for allowing me to come on the air a second time (!), and to his new intern Sarah for her hard work throughout the interview.

UPDATE: a recent, timely discussion of the controversy surrounding anti-vaccine rhetoric in the media:

UPDATE 2: more data on recent increases in preventable diseases among children:

Environment and Health

I am teaching a new course this fall 2014 semester called “Environment and Health” (SOCI 367-011).  Here’s a brief description:

“Couched in the sociological perspective of popular epidemiology, this course shows students how both traditional epidemiology and citizen-science alliances are at the forefront of environmental and health issues.”

Have you ever heard of a community fighting against a refinery’s pollution?  How about communities that are literally on top of toxic soil?  What sorts of things, scientific and otherwise, are happening in these communities to address these issues?  If community-level health social movements, citizen-science alliances, the social construction of health knowledge, and ethics of sociological research interest you, come join us!