Major Spotlight: Linguistics

Located in the College of Arts & Sciences, the Department of Linguistics & Cognitive Science offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Linguistics. Linguistics is concerned with the nature of language and communication, including sentence structure, word meaning, and speech sounds. Understanding these components provides a strong foundation for teaching English in other countries.

This 124 credit major has a highly flexible curriculum that enables students to complete a double major or minor in a related field of study, such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish. Students interested in becoming certified to teach English as a Second Language in the United States are encouraged to learn more about the M.A. in Teaching ESL program

IMPORTANT DATES Fall 2017/Winter 2018

December 16, 2017  –  Final Exams End

December 20, 2017   Final Grades Posted to UDSIS

January 2, 2018   Residence Hall Check-in for Students
Enrolled in Winter Session

January 3, 2018   Winter Session Classes Begin

February 2, 2018 –  Last day of Winter Session Classes

February 2, 2018   Winter New Student Orientation


Helpful Tip: Final Grades

All final grades for the Fall 2017 semester are due to the Registrar by Wednesday, December 20 and will be posted to students’ UDSIS accounts soon after grade rosters are received. To view your final grades, log in to UDSIS and select “Grades” from the drop-down menu.

Please keep in mind that your academic advisor does not have access to your instructors’ gradebooks and does not receive your grades directly from your professors. Under federal regulations, advisors may not discuss a student’s grades directly with a parent. If your grade for a particular course is not posted, or if you think there has been an error in calculating your final grade, you will need to contact your instructor directly.