Student-to-Student Advice

I think most things in life work out best when there’s a good balance of work and fun and adventure and stability. I had the most amazing opportunity to study abroad my freshman year and it forever changed me. My advice is to take risks, but don’t be so careless that you put yourself in a dangerous situation because you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. – International Relations Sophomore

I really think sometimes it’s necessary to fail at something to really appreciate success. I’m undeclared now, but when I entered UD, I was in engineering. I had to go on academic probation and that was a real eye-opening experience after doing well in high school and not having to work very hard. – UST Sophomore

I’ve had a hard time figuring out if I’m in the right major and what I could do for a career. I still have to do a lot of soul-searching. I’m amazed at how much support and advice people here have given me. I’m convinced there’s nothing more important for success in college than building good relationships. – Biological Sciences Sophomore


In the Know: Habits of Successful Students

  1. Be proactive. Ask questions, tell someone (teacher, advisor, peer mentor, RA) if you notice a problem developing, and accept help if you need assistance.
  2. Be informed. Read your course syllabi carefully and regularly check e-mail and Sakai or Canvas for announcements.
  3. Be organized. Write things down in a planner or on your phone and review it frequently. Keep class materials together in a binder that is easily accessible.

Helpful Tips: Course and Section Numbers

Section numbers are used to designate the day, time, and location of a course. The section number appears after the course number: PSYC100-010 refers to General Psychology 100, section 010, which meets on M/W/F at 10:10 am in the Fall 2017 semester.

Some sections are offered online, including 194 and 195. Some are designated for special populations – such as Honors 080, 081, etc.. Some sections are not available to full-time students enrolled at UD’s main campus because they meet in another part of the state (or even the world!) – such as 310, 510, 710, and 070.


Summer is a good time for incoming freshmen and rising sophomores to take steps toward identifying a major in which they will be academically successful and personally satisfied.

⇒ Complete the online workshop, Choosing and Declaring a Major, at

⇒ Go to the UD catalog at and review the requirements for at least three majors that interest you.  Consider whether the majority of the coursework is more likely to interest or bore you. Are the types of classes required mostly consistent with your strongest skill set?