In the Know: The Advising Relationship

Students are active partners in the advising process. Academic advisors are best able to assist you when you adequately prepare for your session by considering your goals, examining the university catalog, and writing down questions that will help you take the next step toward declaring a major.

To make an appointment with your UST advisor, use the online scheduler available in the Blue Hen Success Collaborative platform.

In the Know: The Advising Relationship

Students are equal partners in the advising process. As an advisee, you are ultimately responsible for your academic and career decisions. Academic advisors are best able to assist you when you:

  • devote time and energy to reflecting on and clarifying your values, abilities, interests, and goals;
  • maintain contact with your advisor at relevant times during the semester (e.g. registration, midterm);
  • adequately prepare for advising sessions by reviewing the university catalog and course offerings; and
  • write down your questions to make sure you don’t forget to cover something important at your meeting.


Mark Your Calendar

September 12 is the last day to make changes to your schedule without a fee. If you are having difficulty in a class or have questions about alternative grading options such as withdraw, audit, and pass/fail, check with an advisor before making changes in UDSIS. Advisors are available from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm to see students on a first-come, first-served basis at the Center for Academic Success at 148-150 South College Avenue.


Helpful Hints: Using the Course Permit Form to Enroll in a Class

When the semester begins, students have the option of completing a Course Permit form to submit requests for changes to their semester schedule that require department permission for changes that cannot otherwise be done through Web Registration.

Students receive an email when the form has been processed. If the request is denied, the email states the form was CANCELLED and contains a link to view comments. If the request is approved, the email states COPY, with a link to the completed request. If you have not received a response within 2 business days, please follow up with the department offering the course. Check your Web Forms Out Basket to see the form status. When complete, the form is stored in your Web Forms Archive.