In the Know: UDSIS Account Holds

It is important for students to log in to UDSIS to see if there are any holds on their accounts. Having a hold prevents you from registering for courses until the problem is resolved. The most common holds are placed by the Registrar, Student Financial Services, and Student Health.  If you see a hold on your account, click on the link marked Details to find out what to do to have it removed. For example:


                              University of Delaware

               Start Term:  Begin Term – Service Indicator

               Start Date:    09/25/2017

               Reason:  Immunization Req Not Completed

               Department:  Student Health Services

               Contact:   Helen Chisholm


Immunization requirements not completed. Please call Student Health at 302-831-2226.


Student-to-Student Advice

“I was surprised how much work was required for my college classes! I really want to go to dental school, but I was rethinking my decision last year because I was so busy all the time. Then I talked to my peer mentor in my FYE class and realized there isn’t anything else I want to do more. It may be a hard road ahead, but I know I’m brave enough to face the challenge! I get up every morning and look in the mirror and tell myself – “You can do this!” — Sophomore Biological Sciences Major

“My first year in college was kind of a mess. I was kind of a mess. I was homesick and I didn’t get along with my roommate and I didn’t understand how the classes were set up. I kept thinking, I don’t belong here. My RA suggested I go to the Counseling Center, and it was the best decision I ever made. I joined a support group and I realized I don’t have to be ashamed or hide my feelings just because I need help. I’m doing much better this year, and I hope my story will inspire others.” — Sophomore UST student

“Getting to college was exciting and scary and sometimes overwhelming because no one else in my family went to college, and I felt a lot of pressure to be successful. My mom didn’t like that I was undeclared because she worried that it would take me forever to graduate, but I needed time to figure out what I wanted to do. At the end of freshman year, I started to worry that maybe I was just wandering aimlessly, and I decided it was important to pick a major and just go for it. It was easier to get my family’s support once I could say exactly what I was studying.” – Junior Health Behavior Sciences major

In the Know: Transfer Credit

Upon completion of a course at another school, students should send an official transcript directly to the Registrar at UD in a secure manner:

Registrar-Transfer Credit
University of Delaware
210 S. College Avenue
Newark, DE 19716

If the external institution offers an electronic transcript option, the student may request that the external institution send a password protected, official transcript directly to UD at the address Electronic transcripts forwarded from the student are deemed unofficial.

Two weeks after the official transcript has been sent to UD, review UDSIS to ensure the credits have been posted. If not posted, verify UD has received the official transcript by contacting