Student-to-Student Advice

I think most things in life work out best when there’s a good balance of work and fun and adventure and stability. I had the most amazing opportunity to study abroad my freshman year and it forever changed me. My advice is to take risks, but don’t be so careless that you put yourself in a dangerous situation because you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. – International Relations Sophomore

I really think sometimes it’s necessary to fail at something to really appreciate success. I’m undeclared now, but when I entered UD, I was in engineering. I had to go on academic probation and that was a real eye-opening experience after doing well in high school and not having to work very hard. – UST Sophomore

I’ve had a hard time figuring out if I’m in the right major and what I could do for a career. I still have to do a lot of soul-searching. I’m amazed at how much support and advice people here have given me. I’m convinced there’s nothing more important for success in college than building good relationships. – Biological Sciences Sophomore


Helpful Hints: Foreign Language Placement at UD

Over half of the majors at UD require that students complete coursework in a language other than English. Placement in the appropriate level class is based on your previous experience with the language you choose to study. Students who are native speakers of languages other than English may take an exemption exam by making arrangements with the placement coordinator.

Meet the UST Advisors

Moira Curtis started college as an undeclared student and changed her mind about four times before deciding to major in Human Relations. During the summer before she graduated from Trinity Washington University in D.C., Moira worked as an Orientation Leader. This was a pivotal experience because she loved working with incoming students and realized that she wanted a career in higher education.

Moira entered the Master’s program at Montclair State University, where she concentrated in Higher Education and Student Affairs and got direct experience working in academic advising. In January 2017, she joined the University Studies Program as a full-time advisor. This fall, she will also teach a First Year Seminar course.


Christopher S. Gunter is a proud University of Delaware (UD) alumnus who completed his B.A.  in criminal justice and sociology. Chris is an academic advisor for the University Studies Program and the community relations manager for the Student Support Services Program (SSSP) through the Office of Academic Enrichment. During Chris’s tenure at UD, he has served as the president of the Black Student Union (BSU), a general board member for the Presidential Committee for Bias Reporting at UD, and an undergraduate researcher. Gunter has been the recipient of numerous domestic and international scholarships, including the Benjamin A. Gilman and Dave Plastino awards to support his research and social justice work. Gunter’s research examines correctional systems and explores the impact of police targeting in low-income and inner-city communities as well as the reentry process of African-Americans back into society post-corrections. Gunter’s passion for the law and intrinsic zeal for helping others has motivated him to be an academic advisor to help other students find their passions and achieve their academic goals.

Meet the UST Advisors

Sam Darden graduated from UD with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and recently completed the Masters of Education in Instruction degree at Wilmington University.  She has been teaching special education pre-kindergarten for five years. Sam minored in Spanish at UD and is bilingual, but has not yet had the chance to travel abroad.  When Sam entered college at UD, she started in the University Studies program and changed her major five times. She told UST that even now, she still has no clue what she wants to do with her life!