lecture about Irrigation system

In the class,  guest speaker James Adkins,  works at the UD research farm, had talked about the development of irrigation system.  Water is an essential part of farming. In the past, irrigation systems were not developed well, so they may wast water and cost more for a long term. Over time, the irrigation system has been improved.  It not only save the water resource and prevent pest and disease problem.  it does good and efficient work.  There are some areas are lack of water resource, like California. Advanced irrigation system gives a big help! The soil quality could tell how much water needed. after this lecture, i understand how important the combination of water and soil. and how important the soil and water mean to farmland.



Michele Walfred’s Lecture on Social Media

The lecture that was given by Michele Walfred was about social media. Today’s people especially whose age is below 45 utilizes social media everyday. The development of society cannot without social media. In the past, social media was more used for contacting, and entertainment, however, it gradually expand the purposes now. Media has been an important tool to spread information. Also, entrepreneurs create their company reputation through the media. Lots of example represents that media has been an mainly way to announce a new brand. When people realize a new brand,  they usually search online first too. It benefits us a lot, however, some people use media without care. For example, students attack others online and use bad attitude. These bad record may found by their  future companies. Therefore, a good attitude and habit to review online is important. Mrs. Walfred said we should ensure our social media is consistent. Overall, It will bring benefits if I use it appropriately.


Mark Davis gave the lecture about the horse racing industry in Delaware. Racing industry can be traced back to the 12 century. The British settlers brought horse racing  to the U.S in 1665, and the first horse track was in Long Island. I realized that racing industry is one of the oldest competition of all sports. As the technology developed, horse racing industry were decaying and the amount of competition was decreasing. I learned that horse was divided into two kind of species that are thoroughbreds horses and harness horses. Usually, the cost of thoroughbreds horses are more expensive than harness horses, and harness horses race more than thoroughbreds horses. Besides, horse racing industry increases the job opportunities, such as horseman, competitors, driver, trainer and managers. Partly as a result, it promotes economic progress and can help to reserve the old cultural. I am interested in riding horse because I thought it is a kind of exciting sport. I am pleasure to hear the lecture from Mark Davis about such professional knowledge.

Guest Lecturer: Dan Severson

From this lecture, Dan Severson focused on the livestock industry. His lecture allowed me to realize that 96 percent of family farm is family owned. Then, he explained more about farmer’s life and give data to predict the development of livestock industry in the future. Also, I learned that the agriculture production of Delaware ranked number one in the U.S. Also, Dan Severson introduced the top three largest meat products are pork, beef and poultry.The amount of goat and sheep milk also keeps increasing constantly. Besides, he talked about different  phenomenon of livestock industry and agriculture. For example, the cultivation of apiaries and bison were also increasing. I appreciate hearing the speaking offered by Dan Severson, he taught and help me to understand the agricultural market and economy today.

guest lecture about the Horse Industry

Before Mark Davis talked about the Horse Racing Industry, the word “gambling” comes to my mind. After learning from his lecture I started to realize the good side of house gambling game.  House gambling game was held to help the housing industry. In the past, the housing industry was poor and had no money to run their business. If there is no house game, there will not be house industry.  House industry has been working so hard on house race. They set very strict rules for competitors. They are the main moneymaker for the of the local market. However, It is enjoyable to watch the house race. It is one of necessary entertainment event for people especially wealthy people to spend time.  

Guest lecture about social media

I have not had a formal lecture to learn about social media. This lecture is unique for me because i have learn so many useful knowledge about social media for my daily life. She mentioned never use your real name for your informal social media because it may affect the application of a job. It is the first time to know companies may search your name online to check what kind of person you are. In people’s private life, they are relaxed so they may post what they did not think overhead in their social media. Many people do not pay attention to it. Now I know it is important to pay attention to. what is more, she helps me to understand the necessity of having a formal and clean (same theme) page on social media. It would help me to show company about myself and it is also a self-learning process.


Guest Lecture from Georgie Cartanza

Before went to Georgie Cartanza’s poultry farm,  we had a lecture from her about the development of poultry farm and what kinds of misunderstanding from the public.  Poultry farm was started casually.  There were hundreds of eggs that had no place to go. A lady took them and grow them to chicken, then sold chicken meat. The chicken was sold out quickly and poultry house started.

 Since the chicken is growing bigger and bigger, people may think poultry industry is using hormones and steroid. but the answer is not. What has really lead to the growth in the size of the chicken is they pick out the stronger and healthier birds and feed them good nutrition, and provide nice housing condition.

there is one more interesting fact to know: poultry company and grower work together to produce chickens. The company provides chicks, feed, propane, litter, health supplies, tech service. Grower provides equipment housing, labor, electric, overhead. Georgie Cartanza’s poultry farm is taking the role of the grower.




Irrigation system by James Adkins

The lecture given by James Adkins was talking about irrigation system. As the beginning of his speaking, he gave an interesting history about irrigation system. The irrigation system has been existed for thousand years  since Mayan empire. He described how Mayan people utilized Nile River and their irrigation system. Since then, the irrigation system became more efficient and productive. Agriculture is an important industry comparing with other industries. As agriculture develops, the need for water in agriculture increase rapidly. Therefore, the update of irrigation system become more important than before, because it helps to save water resource efficiently. Also, he introduced different varieties of irrigation ways  such as sprinker irrigation,surface irrigation and sub irrigation. Although the cost of irrigation system is not cheap, even expensive, it improves the efficiency of Agriculture and represent the Agriculture has been developing a new mode which will not need large amount of labors in the future.

Poultry farm

The First exciting trip is to visit Georgie Cartanza’s organic poultry farm.  After listening to Georgie’s quick presentation, we got an idea of how to manage a poultry farm. We were lucky to get a chance to walk into the chicken house to see their living environment. We were given clean cloth and protective gear to wear outside of our own cloth. There is also a cleaning box for us to step on to clean our sole. It can tell us a message that they really love their chickens and chickens are protected well by workers on the farm. I kind of get an idea of where our chicken comes from and how they are taking care of.  Chickens are free ranged and given plenty of food and water. I want to say thank you to all the workers in the poultry farm, thanks for providing healthy and nice chicken to us.

Mark Lynas video

what is GMO? this doubt must exist in many people’s head. I had it in my mind too before I watch this video. People are really careful about what they are eating nowadays. If you they are not sure about the certain part, like GMO food, they will keep their old pattern instead of trying new food material. Mark Lynas did not believe the GMO before he did research about it. He spends a lot of time to prove one of the biggest concern in the world. so he makes people believe how good GMO food is and he did contribute a lot to the agriculture. We need people like him to stand out to tell the public what is right or wrong. what is GMO? GMO is the genetically modified organism. Since the earth is changing due to the human activities, new plants are designed by humans to adapt the new environment, which helps us to solve food insecure problem.

Hoobers Field Trip

For  the third trip to Hoober’s company, we learned a lot about precision agriculture. We talked about what does precision agriculture about and how it can be used in agriculture. Thought this trip, I saw how does technology are developing through these years, such as new tractors, combines and drone. These advanced equipments improve the efficiency of farmer’s work well. Especially the ability of drone is strong. It can scout a large area of field in a high efficiency. As it flied above the field,  I believe that It can displaced the old ways of mapping and observing the field totally and found more agricultural problems. The most interesting part of this trip is that two students drive the tractor as a group, as well as the workers explained the operations and knowledge patiently. Overall, from this trip, I realized how technology promote  the agriculture and how the technology develop fast now.

UD research farm

On November 4th, we have a meeting that was led by Scott Hopkins at research farm around University of Delaware ‘s south campus. We started with introducing the characteristic UDairy ice cream. Mr. Hopkins then showed us the daily life of poultry in the webbfarm. Although, I learned how cow was fed and the milking processes here. Through the entire processes, we visited the different main areas in the farm.  Although I have class in south campus everyday this semester, I have never walked and observed the surroundings. When I saw the calf and their living environment, I was surprised how they can be arranged and taken care of well.  Usually, these calves stay here for 3 months and they look really cute like a dog. If I have opportunity, I will feed a cow!

Food Labeling

Nowadays, lots of foods are labeled with GMO, however, there was a doubt that should we utilize this kind of labels, and whether  GMOs food benefit for human or not.   With GMO food labels, we could know more details about our food, and we have right to know it. It helps specific groups of people to make a decision whether to buy that food or not. For example, it will be more easily for vegetarians, vegans and people who has special religions to determine if GMO food with animal DNA.  However, there are also some disadvantages about labeling GMO.   These labels may lead that people have difficulty on deciding GMO food. On the one hand, They may think GMO food represent a kind of unhealth, and then lead to the decrease of sales volume; but on the other,  it will make GMO labeling system become expensive and caused the companies’ interest. Although consumers are easily to determine the food ingredients and determine if it is GMO food, there are part of groups who are not familiar with the true implications. They usually think GMO food with labeling represent a kind of warning to them. With GMO labeling, it let some people misunderstand that food with GMO label is not healthy, but actually, there is no such conclusion or evidence show that non-GMO will hurt people.

First trip to organic poultry

The first trip field I had was my favorite trip to an organic poultry farm which hold 4 poultry houses. Each poultry houses have enough space inside and outside to provide chicken’s free movement. This was my first experience with close contacting with chickens. I was surprised of chicken’s quantities in each poultry houses. When I tried to get close to them, they always move away. Through the trip to Georgie Cartanza’s farm, I learned lots of advanced agricultural technology that are used on feeding chickens. Usually, these technology producers help saving large amount of labors and update the old feeding ways. For example, the chickens can be fed automatically. There were automatic system to provide more food if the food capacity decreased. Also,  another successful improvement is that the temperature can be regulated automatically instead of operating by hand. All of this equipment and technology were used for improving chicken’s quantities.

Mark Isaacs’s Lecture on Biotechnology in Agriculture

Biotechnology is so widely debated everywhere on our planet. He gave us a great overview and information into what biotechnology is and some of the concerns about it. It is crazy to think that biotechnology started thousands of years ago and people still have fears about it. Gregor Mendel helped figure out laws of inheritance. Biotechnology is a great tool to be able to make genetic changes to a plant and to put traits in them such as pest resistance. It can improve crop yield by being able to put a resistant gene into the plant to help the crops grow without damage from environmental conditions. Without biotechnology, our growing population would run out of food. Biotechnology allows farmers to improve yields with the same amount of land. People are just concerned because it is not a natural process. Hopefully, the world can resolve this issue in time to feed the next generations to come.

A Class Journal for UDel CANR AGRI 130