Transition to Canvas workshops

The Information Technologies department has formed a dedicated Transition Team that will support moving remaining Sakai courses to Canvas and current Sakai projects to Canvas or other platforms. We are offering several different kinds of workshops to help you move your course and learn how to use Canvas.

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Looking for some one-on-one assistance? We offer individual consultations to help you move your Sakai course content and learn how to use Canvas.


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Workshop Title: Up and Running with Canvas (2 hours)
Workshop Description: Looking to get started with Canvas and need to learn the basics? This hands-on workshop is designed for you to create a Canvas course, to learn how to customize your home page, to add your syllabus and files, and to build a gradebook with assignments.  Once you have the basics down, you will be up and running in Canvas and anxious to learn more!
Bring to workshop: Laptop computer along with any content you may want to add to your course
Walk away with: A basic Canvas course and the skills needed to edit and maintain the course

Workshop Title: Organize Your Canvas Course with Modules (45 mins)
Workshop Description:  Students want courses that are easy to navigate!  Using Canvas Modules can help you organize your course – files, pages, assignments – by units, weeks, or any structure that suits your organizational style to help students effortlessly find and use your course materials.
Bring to workshop: A plan for how you would like to structure your course and a laptop if you wish to edit your course
Check back later for additional dates!

Workshop Title: Canvas Assignments – More than the Basics (1 hour)
Workshop Description:  Looking to move beyond the basic assignment?  Learn about the different types of assignments you can create in Canvas, how to collect, grade and manage assignments, and how to add rubrics and peer review.
Bring to workshop: Your assignment list and a laptop if you wish to edit your course
Check back later for additional dates!

Workshop Title: Group and Collaborative Work in Canvas (45 mins)
Workshop Description:  Empower your students to work effectively in groups.  Learn how to create and assign groups, monitor and assess group work, create discussions, and collaborations.
Bring to workshop:  Laptop if you wish to edit your course
Check back later for additional dates!

Workshop Title: Understanding the Canvas Gradebook (45 mins)
Workshop Description:  Assignments, grades, rubrics, and weighting all work together to calculate final grades.  In this workshop, you will learn how to configure a grading scheme for your course so that Canvas can do the calculations for you and explore some additional gradebook tools and settings.
Bring to workshop:  A list of assignments for your gradebook and a laptop if you wish to edit your course

Workshop Title: iClicker and Canvas (45 mins)
Workshop Description:  If you have been using iClicker in your classes and are ready to refine how scores are posted to Canvas, this session is for you!  Come learn more about aggregate running totals, participation, and performance points and determine which options are right for you.
Check back later for additional dates!

Workshop Title: Canvas Mobile Apps (45 mins)
Workshop Description:  Did you know Canvas had a mobile app?  Canvas Student and Canvas Teacher apps are available on both iOS and Android devices.  Although these apps do not include all the features of the Canvas web option, they can be used to browse and update courses, to submit assignments, and to grade.
Bring to workshop:  Your iOS mobile device.  This workshop uses the iOS apps on an iPad.  Android devices will not be presented.

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