Transition to Canvas workshops

The Information Technologies department has formed a dedicated Transition Team that will support moving remaining Sakai courses to Canvas and current Sakai projects to Canvas or other platforms. We are offering several different kinds of workshops to help you move your course and learn how to use Canvas.

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Workshop Title: Up and Running with Canvas (2 hours)  Special Workshops for New Faculty Orientation on January 24!
Workshop Description: Looking to get started with Canvas and need to learn the basics? This workshop is designed for you to create a Canvas course, learn how to customize your home page, add an assignment, syllabus, content page, files and a gradebook.  Once you have the basics down, you will be up and running in Canvas and anxious to learn more!
Bring to workshop: Laptop computer along with any files you may want to add to your course (i.e. syllabus, articles (pdf), assignment instructions).
Walk away with: A basic Canvas course and the skills needed to get that course ready to go with a custom home page, sample assignments, content pages and gradebook.

Workshop Title:  Take Your Canvas Course to the Next Level! (2 hours)
Workshop Description:  Ready to more than just the basics? This workshop is designed to help you learn about advanced Canvas topics. We’ll build on the basic Canvas features and explore tools for collaboration and assessment in greater detail. This workshop assumes that you already have a basic Canvas course with resources and that you are familiar with the topics covered in the Up and Running in Canvas course.
Bring to workshop: Laptop computer and an existing course.
Walk away with: A strategy to create an enhanced Canvas course for you and your students!

Workshop Title: Archive Your Files on Sakai (1 hour)
Workshop Description: Looking to archive and download your files on Sakai? You could DIY with this video tutorial, or join this session!
Bring to workshop: Laptop computer with Cyberduck ( Windows | Mac ) installed
Walk away with: Your files on Sakai will be downloaded and archived to your laptop computer.
Register – Check back in January for more sessions!

Workshop Title:  Designing Quality Rubrics (90 minutes)
Workshop Description: Learn how to create rubrics connected to course objectives and student learning outcomes that can be used with various assignments or activities your students engage in. Then learn how these rubrics can be integrated in your Canvas course to facilitate and ease the grading and feedback process for you and your students.
Bring to workshop: Laptop computer and rubrics you already use that you may want to modify, assignments that you want to create rubrics for.
Walk away with: At least one completed rubric designed and implemented in a Canvas site.
Register – Check back in January for more sessions!

Workshop Title: Creating Good Questions for Online Discussions and Quizzing in Canvas (90 minutes)
Workshop Description: Learn how to create good questions to stimulate discussions in class or online. Creating good questions for discussion includes modeling and moderating, while creating effective quiz questions will help generate useful formative and summative assessments. Come see how to design questions that will improve student engagement and support your learning outcomes. Then instructions will be provided for you to implement these different kinds of questions in a Canvas course.
Bring to workshop: Laptop computer
Walk away with: Questions to be used for discussions and/or quizzes uploaded into a Canvas course.
Register – Check back in January for more sessions!

Workshop Title: Planning and Guiding Peer Review in your Teaching using Canvas (75 minutes)
Workshop Description: Incorporating peer review into a Canvas course, when planned and guided carefully, can help your students become better writers, readers, and collaborators. This session will provide suggestions and strategies for how to use peer review effectively in your teaching. Christine Cucciarre and Michael McCamley will start by offering ideas on how to help your students learn how to become good peer reviewers and provide substantive, useful feedback. Then ATS staff will show you how to implement peer review easily right in your Canvas course.
Bring to workshop: Laptop computer
Walk away with: Strategies and suggestions for including peer review in your teaching. Hands on help getting peer review implemented right in your Canvas course.
Register – Check back in January for more sessions!

Workshop Title: iClickers and Canvas (Coming in January)
Workshop Description:  Concerned about how using iClickers will change after you migrate from Sakai or thinking about starting to use iClickers in your new Canvas course? Come to this workshop for a quick introduction.
Bring to workshop: 
Register Check back in January for availability

Workshop Title: Canvas Mobile Apps (Coming in January)
Workshop Description:  Did you know Canvas had a mobile app?  Canvas Student and Canvas Teacher apps are available on both iOS and Android devices.  Although these apps do not include all the features of the Canvas web option, they can be used to browse and update courses, to submit assignments, and to grade.
Bring to workshop:  Your iOS mobile device.  This workshop uses the iOS apps on an iPad.  Android devices will not be presented.
Register:  Check back in January for availability

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