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Posted on May 12, 2017 at: 3:19 pm

  • Opt4

    OPT4 is an RSO on campus that is dedicated to providing fun, healthy alternative events to drinking for students around campus.

    What Do We Do

    • We are dedicated to planning events for students who are seeking an alternative to drinking on and around campus. Most of our events are held on Friday and Saturday nights with attendance of 200 students at our large events and 25-50 at our smaller ones.
    • We also work with other RSOs on campus on co-sponsoring their events alongside our monthly event schedule. ┬áIf you are looking to work alongside a dedicated group of students on programming super fun events for your fellow students, feel free to come to one of our meetings and sign up for our email list!

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  • Upcoming Events

    FREE Food at the Spring Student Wellness Social

    FREE Food at the Spring Student Wellness Social

    Looking to learn about leadership opportunities on campus? Come to the Student Wellness Social on Tuesday, April 24 from 6pm – 8pm in Trabant MPR C. You’ll meet the student leaders of Student Wellness and Health Promotion, and enjoy FREE breakfast for...

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