General Wellness and Health Promotion

Presented by our POW Peer Educators

Sex Jeopardy
It’s Jeopardy, but with a healthy sexuality twist! Participants will test their knowledge of STIs, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex drive, anatomy and more. Students will walk away with a better understanding of how to engage in safer sex, while respecting themselves and their partners. They will also learn where to find appropriate campus resources.
Stressed Out!
Finals got you falling back on your old bad habits? Learn healthy strategies for managing stress through this fun, interactive skit. Find out how to recognize the signs of stress, what you can do to relax and when to reach out to campus resources for you or a friend. This program requires an audience size of at least 7 people in order to have enough characters for the skit.
Responsible Decision Making
This program is ideal for first-year students. It’s time to get out of your seats and find someone who knows a bit about safer sex, responsible substance use and even a little UD trivia. In this very interactive program, students will learn about BAC, the signs of alcohol poisoning and even the proper steps to using a condom. You’ll also learn some key campus resources so you can make more responsible decisions as a new Blue Hen.
Mental Health in College
You can do anything, but not everything!  Do exercise regularly and eat healthy foods?  Probably the answer is yes, but do you take time to even consider your mental health?  Probably not.  Most students don’t realize that in order to have a successful, happy and healthy college career you need to actively practice good mental health habits like framing self thoughts in a positive way and seeking help when you need to.  This program will help you love your mind and reduce stigma surrounding mental health.

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