Shop Policies

General Operating Policy:
The policy of the Student Shop will be to accept projects with an appropriate scope as determined by the Shop Supervisor. Project scope will be evaluated in terms of complexity, supervision time, and time to complete the project. Individuals with projects determined to be beyond the scope of the Student Shop will be referred to the Graduate Student Machine Shop.

Shop Use Policy:
All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University of Delaware are eligible to work in the shop. All shop users must complete the following:

Who we serve:
The prioritized list of users and activities in the student machine shop includes:

  • Assignments for regularly scheduled classes that have been coordinated with the Shop Supervisor
  • Independent study or undergraduate research projects taken for credit
  • Student club activities*
  • Undergraduates and Graduate Students working with a faculty member on a teaching or research project*
  • Faculty and other university employees*

* These users are charged $25 an hour for mill, lathe, and welding equipment usage.

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