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Contact Student Life at the University of Delaware:

If you are feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed and in need of someone to talk to, call 302-831-1001 for immediate assistance 24/7/365.



Contact Student Life

Visit our offices:

Our administrative office is open Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in 101 Hullihen Hall.
Stop by, or give us a phone call at 302-831-8939. We can also be reached via email to studentlife@udel.edu.

Student Life staff can be found throughout UD’s Newark campus, from our Residence Life and Housing coordinators up on Laird Campus all the way down to our Student Services for Athletes advisors and Student Health Services medical professionals on south campus.

Vice President for Student Life

José-Luis Riera, Interim Vice President
101 Hullihen Hall | 302-831-8939

The Vice President, in collaboration with their executive council, oversees all Student Life units. Within their office, this position also supervises staff in the areas of business administration, assessment and engagement, and student diversity and inclusion.

Business Administration

Laura Gleason, Senior Business Administrator
101 Hullihen Hall

Jennifer Ulizio, Administrative Assistant
101 Hullihen Hall

Business administration oversees the Division’s budget, budgeting processes and special funding initiatives, ensuring Division-wide compliance with Human Resources regulations, communications, policies and procedures. This area plans and oversees Parents and Family Weekend, manages planning and administration for the Campus Coalition for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention, and is responsible for the daily operation of the Office of the Vice President for Student Life.

Assessment & Engagement

Nicole Long, Director of Assessment and Engagement
127 Hullihen Hall

Assessment and Engagement leads the Division in support of an ongoing culture of assessment. This area oversees activities designed to promote students' co-curricular learning and development through a systematic process of gathering and using evidence to improve programs and services. Furthermore, Assessment and Engagement provides multiple opportunities for staff to develop assessment competencies through its annual training curriculum.

Student Diversity & Inclusion

Stephanie Chang, Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion
196 South College Avenue, Room 201

The Director for Student Diversity and Inclusion leads and supports the Division in ongoing diversity and inclusion programming, support, and resources. In collaboration and partnership with the different services and units of Student Life, this area works to promote and integrate aspects of diversity and inclusion throughout the Division. The Director for Student Diversity & Inclusion also oversees the LGBT Program area in Student Life.

Career Services Center

Nathan Elton, Director
401 Academy Street | 302-831-2392

CSC empowers undergraduate and graduate students to develop and achieve their professional aspirations during their time at UD and beyond by providing personalized and industry-specific career counseling and coaching, career exploration and professional development programming, connections to employers and alumni, and digital career resources. The center manages a robust employer engagement program that includes career fairs, networking events, internship and job opportunities, on-campus interviews, and information sessions.

Center for Black Culture

Kasandra Moye, Director
192 South College Avenue | 302-831-2991

CBC serves as an informational resource center for a range of University and community constituents; assists students with transitioning to University life; provides a supportive environment that encourages identity and leadership development as well as belonging; advocates for the needs and interests of Black and other underrepresented students; and develops and implements a full range of diversity programs and services.

Student Services for Athletes

Tim Morrissey, Director
108-G Delaware Field House | 302-831-4571

SSA assists student athletes in transitioning to University life; works closely with coaches, faculty and student services personnel to help student athletes balance the demands of their responsibilities; and provides counseling, academic support, workshops, teaching, and special programs for student athletes, and supervises the HENS Peer Mentoring program.

Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Residence Life & Housing

Kathleen Kerr, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Executive Director of Residence Life and Housing
310 Haines Street | 302-831-HOME (4663)

Jim Tweedy, Director of Residence Life and Housing
310 Haines Street | 302-831-HOME (4663)

The Associate Vice President for Student Life and Executive Director of Residence Life and Housing supervises Student Life units in support of student engagement and wellbeing.


RLH partners with students and campus colleagues to create a once-in-a-lifetime community experience where students learn, contribute, thrive and achieve their aspirations; encourages residents to share diverse perspectives and form positive relationships; creates communities that promote student success; and develops environments where all students can feel a sense of belonging and are able to fully engage in the residence hall experience.

Communication Management

Casey Impagliazzo, Communications Manager
196 South College Avenue, Room 202

Communications Management oversees internal and external communication for the Division, and provides leadership for the communication needs of the Division as well as individual Student Life units. In collaboration with the Division's senior leadership team and communicators, this area supports student success and engagement through strategic communication planning for the Division of Student Life's programs, services, mission and objectives.

Center for Counseling & Student Development

Brad Wolgast, Director
261 Perkins Student Center | 302-831-8107

CCSD provides confidential individual/group counseling and psychiatric care to students; programs career and student development workshops; and offers consultations for students/parents/staff/professionals/faculty.

New Student Orientation

Heather Maginnis, Director
231 Trabant University Center | 302-831-3313

NSO facilitates comprehensive orientation programming for all first-year and transfer undergraduate students and their families; and offers extended orientation and transition programs including Summit, an outdoor orientation experience, and 1743 Welcome Days.

Student Health Services

Tim Dowling, Director
Laurel Hall | 302-831-2226

SHS provides students with a full range of primary health care, medical treatment and referral services; offers health education programming; and supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of all students.

Student Wellness & Health Promotion

Nancy Chase, Director
231 South College Avenue | 302-831-3457

SWHP cultivates a healthy, safe community that inspires students to succeed; engages all members of the UD community in health promotion and prevention strategies that empower students; and works closely with Opt4, POW, SOS, Men’s Action Network, and Collegiate Recovery Community student groups.

University Student Centers

Marilyn Prime, Executive Director
115 Perkins Student Center | 302-831-1036

USC serves as campus community centers and unifying places for students/faculty/staff/alumni/guests; offers diverse programming, events, and services in support of exploration and personal growth; and provides inclusive opportunities and communities to foster spirit, interpersonal connections, and leadership development.

Dean of Students

Adam Cantley, Interim Dean of Students
101 Hullihen Hall | 302-831-8939

Donna West, Assistant to the Dean of Students
101 Hullihen Hall | 302-831-7055

The Dean of Students supervises the Office of the Dean of Students and oversees the Office of Student Conduct. ODS serves as the central resource for students, parents, faculty, and staff when navigating complex issues of the student experience. They work alongside students experiencing medical, emotional, psychological, familial or financial difficulties to provide thoughtful interventions. ODS champions the holistic wellbeing of all students at the University of Delaware.

Office of Student Conduct

Holli Harvey, Interim Director
218 Hullihen Hall | 302-831-2117

OSC fosters ethical standards and engaged citizens by providing services and protecting the community from disruption and harm; and offers educational and leadership opportunities for students.