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Student Life creates a sense of belonging and a home for all Blue Hens. We foster environments in which you can share ideas, explore difference and find support. As a result of engaging with any of our 11 units, students may learn:

Step outside of your comfort zone and engage with difference. Enroll in a class, introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t look like you, or just pick literally any event and go have fun. No one is going to laugh at you or reject you, and you might learn more about yourself or others in the process. An inch of experience sitting around eating pizza could go a long way for you in the future.

Jillian Solomon ’19
Each One Reach One Mentor and Miss Black and Gold 2016

My advice to current students is to take advantage of all opportunities that surround you at this vital point in your life because these experiences help you grow as an individual. Pay it forward, and remember there is always more to do, more to learn and more to achieve.

Nicole Mozee ’13
First Multicultural Greek Congress vice president; member of Cultural Programming Advisory Board, Campus Alliance de La Raza and Black Student Union; Chi Upsilon Sigma sister

My experiences within the Division of Student Life taught me invaluable lessons that greatly enhanced what I learned inside the classroom at UD. Through my involvement in StUDent Government Association and New Student Orientation, I learned how to communicate effectively with others, advocate for change in areas that I am passionate about, and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Thanks to these experiences, I have become a more organized, inspired and assertive leader who is eagerly taking on the challenges of the real world.

Rebecca Jaeger ’16
SGA president and NSO orientation leader

The New Student Orientation Leader process is one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Being surrounded by peers and administrators that truly care about you and the needs of all students on campus, really opened my eyes to the many great opportunities this institution has to offer for all students. My favorite part of being an Orientation Leader was building bonds with not only new students but my NSO family. These bonds and relationships are ones that no distance or time apart can break; I regard all of my fellow OLs as family and always will.

Stephen Ochoa ’18
NSO orientation leader

Living and working in the residence halls taught me about being a part of a community and learning how to interact with those that are different than me. Staying on campus can help you develop skills such as conflict mediation, communication and leadership. It is also a time where you are constantly connected to resources whether it be your Resident Assistant, visuals on your floor or other opportunities that come into the halls.

Philip Botta ’15
RSA president and Hall Director

Participating in organizations such as HOLA, Campus Alliance de la Raza and the Multicultural Greek Congress has been imperative to my job success. Those organizations allowed me to engage and be actively involved in issues affecting my community; allowed me to network with faculty, administrators and well-known people in my field; and enhanced my skills in organization, leadership and responsibility.

Jissell Martinez ’08
CALR president, HOLA member and Chi Upsilon Sigma sister

Engaging in Student Life through roles in Haven and StUDent Government Association, as well as employment with the University Student Centers, prepared me for post-college life in ways that the classroom never could. Communicating across diverse groups of people, leading teams, planning events and managing finances taught me how to conduct myself professionally, and enabled me to take full advantage of my UD experience.

Daniel Cole ’11
Haven president, SGA senator and USC building manager

Holistic Development

We invest in the personal and academic success of every Blue Hen by providing you with student-centered opportunities to thrive in and beyond the classroom.


We teach you to refine your voice and become your own best advocate. We measure our success by helping you define yours.


We continually pursue opportunities to improve ourselves to better serve you. As you grow on your journey at UD, so do we.

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