Evernote as a replacement for Diigo?

Here’s something I hadn’t thought about before. You can use Evernote to share thoughts and content on the web.

I came across this tweet from Miguel Guhlin @mguhlin today: 9 Surprising Ways Schools Are Using iPads Around The World

This led me to his Evernote open notebook that included both his thoughts and an infographic that he had pasted in.

It makes and interesting alternative to my old favorite Diigo.

Wordle and New Ideas

I’ve been a fan of Wordle since I first saw it but it’s hard to figure out the best ways to integrate it into the classroom. Not to worry! I just came across this Tweet from @tombarrett

A great early years example added to “Fifteen Interesting Ways* to use Wordle in the Classroom”

Which led me to this GoogleDocs presentation.

This is a great way to address the multiple modes of interacting with text and a quick way to compare texts. Now, we just need something that figures out if those are synonyms that have been used so frequently! Guess we’ll need teachers for a few months more!

No Words Needed

On my first day back from vacation, I have to get ready for two presentations this week. Here’s a tool I’ve just tried for digital storytelling —

I think this tells the story!


Bookmarks in

I’ve been reading about the folksonomy and darting over to for more than a year now. I’ve tried shared bookmark spaces like many times in the past, but this is something different. Using should enable me to take advantage of reorganizing using tagging and sharing the finds of people all over the world.

So, I’ve now really started my tagging in earnest and I’ve even added a tag cloud to my Resources page. Over time, I hope to replace all of the links that I’ve maintained over the years, but there is much still to be learned!

Blogs as Tutors

I just got a note from one of my students from the summer. She’s been using Edublogs to the scaffold her students in Spanish class. Her level 2 students write about different topics that she assigns. Then her level 4 and 5 students respond. This is a great way to do online tutoring that could be used for any subject area.

For me, the interesting thing is how much we can do now in education without spending more money. Back in the 90s, there was an awful lot of “build it and they will come” mentality. That really didn’t pan out very quickly. I think we underestimated just how much hands-on time people needed to become comfortable with being online. Now that cell phones and e-mail are our regular way of doing business, everyone has an online persona or at least modus operandi.

In addition, the new tools like blogs and wikis enable us to have these new interactions with very little muss or fuss, and better yet NO COST! Every day I see something even more exciting than the day before. I’m hoping that people will take a look at this Edublog at and see the future!