Upcoming changes to the Sakai Guest Management System

Allowing external colleagues, experts, or students to use Sakai@UD has been and continues to be an important feature of our main learning management system. Since 2008, UD faculty and staff have created over 4,000 Sakai@UD guest accounts. Whether these guests are fellow researchers, job applicants, guest speakers, or students, they enrich our research and learning environment by collaborating with us.

In order to allow guests to have access to Canvas in addition to Sakai, and to standardize guest management processes on campus, the Sakai Guest Management System will be replaced by the Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts Web form. Below are the dates to keep in mind as we phase out the current system and transition currently active guests to the new service.

  • December 18, 2013: Creation or modification of guest accounts in the current Sakai Guest Management System will be turned off. Existing user names and passwords will continue to work until the new service is ready to go live.
  • December 18, 2013 to January 6, 2014: Creation of new guest accounts  will not be allowed.
  • January 6, 2014: The new Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts Web form will be launched.

All existing Sakai@UD guest accounts will be ported to the new system. This means that the same email address associated with a guest account will be used to log in after the cutoff date.

  • Active guest accounts (guests who have access to Sakai@UD as of December 18, 2013) will be notified by email on January 6, 2014. This email will direct guests to a Web form asking them to choose a new password, set their display name, and answer security questions.
  • Inactive guest accounts (deactivated or unsponsored guests as of December 18, 2013) will be retained, but guests will not be asked to set their password. If there is a match between an email address used in the Sakai Guest Management System and the email address used for a new account request, the guest account will be reactivated using the same identifier as before, avoiding duplicate accounts for the same guest.

We invite all current UD faculty or staff sponsors of guests to log in to the Sakai@UD Guest Management System before the December 18 deadline to deactivate people who no longer require access to Sakai@UD. This will help reduce the volume of support requests to the IT Support Center.

Information and documentation regarding the new features of the Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts Web form will be announced in early January. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the transition process, please contact the IT Support Center (submit a request, email consult@udel.edu, or call 831-6000).

Mathieu Plourde

Québécois, Project Leader, LMS, IT Client Support & Services, University of Delaware. Instructional Designer, Educational Technologist, Open Education Evangelist, Huge Wiki Geek, 2009 Sakai Fellow. Ed. D. student.


  1. This document says the new Sakai and Canvas Guest Accounts web form will be launched January 6th. Today is Jan. 19th and I cannot find the web form so I can add a couple guest accounts. Can you please direct me to it? Thank you!

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