Resident Student Association

About Us

President- Tom Robertson

My name is Tom Robertson and I am from Darnestown MD, right outside of Washington DC. I am pursuing studies in both Business and Fine Arts. I chose The University of Delaware because of the opportunities that are offered here and I now call it my new home because of the people that I have encountered here. I love to bring people together, and I love to listen to what others have to say. This is not just be something that I put on my resume; it is what I am passionate about and I promise to work my hardest to make this year as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible for the students of this university.


Vice President of Operations- Rachel Zolotarsky

I’m Rachel Zolotarsky and besides being resident student association Vice President of operations, I am also a blue hen ambassador aka a campus tour guide. I am a marketing major and Spanish minor. On my free time (when I have it, sigh) I play soccer, volleyball and am always reading a book!


Vice President of Intra-collegiate Affairs- Brandon Grabelsky

I’m Brandon Grabelsky, a sophomore from Merrick, New York. I am a double major in Political Science and Public Policy with a minor in Spanish. On campus, aside from being Vice President of Intra-Collegiate Affairs, I am also a Blue Hen Ambassador and an active student in the Honors Program. I am studying abroad in Spain/Rome this Winter ’14! Last year I served as Building Governor for Russell A/B as well as the Chair of the Russell, Lane, Thompson Green Team. I am extremely passionate about student advocacy. I hope to empower others to become leaders and enable them to make necessary change around campus.


Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations- Briana Brookens

 “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” -Michael Scott

Vice President of Programming- Phil Botta

My name is Phil Botta and I am a Junior Exercise Science Major.
I was born in Rome, Italy and raised in Delaware
I went to the Charter School of Wilmington for High School.
My freshman year I was Govenor of George Read North and my sophmore year I was the President of the Towers.
My current position for RSA is Vice President of Programming.
I enjoy playing Soccer and Lacrosse.


National Communications Coordinator- Matt Hermenau

Bonjour, RSA General Assembly Members! I’m your National Communications Coordinator or NCC for short. I’m in charge of organizing a delegation to attend two leadership conferences this year—CAACURH at Penn State & NACURH at Wisconsin Eau-Claire! Don’t be intimidated by all the crazy acronyms; I’ll make sure to visit each of your CCCs throughout the year to explain my position and how you can make the most of your conference experience.


Vice President of Residential Affairs- Chris Micale

Hey, RSA! My name is Chris Micale, and I am a senior majoring in chemical engineering with minors in Spanish as well as material sciences. During my junior year, I participated in the general assemblies of both RSA and the University of Delaware’s NRHH chapter, and I would never have guessed that I would arrive here with such a great opportunity for this academic year! I can gladly admit that UD has become a place in which I hold an incredible amount of pride; therefore, I will strive maintain the vision which RSA has created. I hope to continue with the work ethic that has motivated me for the past years as well as with an openness, which has allowed me to collaborate with so many great students. I am extremely excited to see where this organization travels this year as well as the years after, and I can only thank all of you have supported us.


Secretary- Meghan Clements

Hi Guys! My name is Meghan Clements and I sophomore from Moorestown, NJ. Last year I was secretary of SHARC, which is the Complex Community Council for Smyth and Harrington. That position helped prepare me to serve as your RSA secretary this year! I chose UD not only for its academics, but also for its school pride, beautiful campus, prime location, and community feel. The minute I stepped on to the UD campus, I got that college “vibe” that continues to stick with me today. One of my goals of the year is to strengthen the connection between the student body and the E-Board. If you see me around campus and have a suggestion (or even just want to say hi!) feel free to approach me! John C. Maxwell once said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do” Those six simple words have guided me in the past, and I will continue to live them this upcoming year!


Treasurer- Kyle Husni

Hello, my name is Kyle Husni. People like me because I manage money well, have an eclectic taste in music, and I’m rarely late.


CCC Finance Director- Polly Wardell

My name is Polly Wardell and I am from the small town of Fair Haven on the Jersey Shore. From growing up on the shore, I love to be outside. This is one of the reasons I chose UD: the beautiful campus and the seemingly endless resources offered to students. I am a junior at UD studying Hotel Restaurant Institutional Management. As a sophomore, I began to dive into extra curricular activities, which is when I got the position of treasurer on the Central Complex Community Council (C4) in RSA. I was thrilled to discover this position not only gave me great experience with accounting, management, and leadership, but also was loads of fun and positively impacted my community. This year, as Finance Director of RSA, I am eager and devoted to enhance the larger community of the University of Delaware.

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