Resident Student Association

Meet the Executive Board

President – Rachel Zolotarsky
My name is Rachel Zolotarsky and I from the lovely state of New Jersey. Here at UD, I am a junior marketing major and Spanish minor. Currently, I am the returning President for the Resident Student Association. Previously, I was a Building Governor for the Rodney Complex Community Council (ROCC), and a Vice President of Operations for the RSA executive board. I am looking forward to another year working with RSA and encourage you to stop by our office in Perkins.

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations – Phil Botta
Hey Blue Hens! My name is Phil Botta and I am a Senior Exercise Science Major with a concentration in Exercise Physiology from Hockessin Delaware!  I am currently the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for the Resident Student Association.  This is my fourth year in RSA.  I have been a building governor for George Read North, The President for the Christiana Towers and The VP of Programming.  Keep a look out for all our events on our RSA Twitter (@UdelRSA), Facebook and Instagram (@udrsa)

Vice President of Programming – Briana Brookens
Hi, my name is Briana Brookens and I am the VP of Programming! I am currently a Senior Nutritional Science major with a minor in Psychology. I have been in RSA for a whopping 4 years! My Freshmen year, I was Treasurer of George Read, Sophomore year I was President of Ray Street, Junior year I was honored enough to be VP of Public Relations and Marketing for RSA and now I’m Programming! Please feel free to come to my office hours to ask any questions or just listen to some Pandora with me!

Secretary – Amanda Flagg
Hey peeps! I’m Amanda Flagg and I am from New Jersey, right by the beautiful beaches. At UD, I am a Psychology and Spanish double major with a minor in Human Development & Family Studies. This year, I am the Secretary for the Resident Student Association. Last year I was secretary for the Rodney Community Council or RoCC. Besides RSA, I am involved in NRHH and RLHAB, which is an alternative spring break program that sends students living in the residence halls out to do community service over spring break! If I’m not running around campus like a chicken without a head, I can be found at the gym, studying, or laughing too loud with my friends. I love RSA and talking to people so don’t hesitate to stop by my office hours to chat!

Vice President of Operations – Eva Allison
My name is Eva Allison I am a Sophomore Anthropology and Organizational and Community Leadership major from Storrs, CT. I am excited to be serving as your Vice-President of Operations of the Resident Student Association this year! Before this, I was the Vice-President of the Rodney Complex Community Council (RoCC). I am also involved in the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and am a Blue Hen Ambassador. I can’t wait to get to know the new CCC members as well as residents from all parts of campus.

National Communications Coordinator – Matt Hermenau
Hi everyone! My name is Matt Hermenau, and I’m a Junior Psychology Major with a Biology Minor from Odessa, Delaware. This is my third year serving as part of the RSA. My freshmen year I served as Vice President of the George Read Complex Community Council, and my Sophomore and Junior years I have served as the National Communications Coordinator for Resident Student Association and National Residence Hall Honorary. My position entails taking delegations of students to leadership conferences throughout the year on both the regional and national level. If you guys want information on how to advance your leadership potential I’d love to have you on my conference delegation! Feel free to stop by my office hours at anytime.

Vice President of Residential Affairs – Chris Youngquist
Hello Everyone. I am Chris Youngquist and the VP of Residential Affairs. I am a Senior Environmental Engineering and Economics double major from Huntington, New York. This is my third year in RSA. I was previously the Building Governor for the Christiana Residence Advisory Board for two years. My position enables me to be the bridge between the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and RSA. If you have any questions on what it takes to be involved with either organization, I’m your man. Please email me at for any questions, comments or concerns.

Vice President of Intra-Collegiate Affairs – Kevin Calzavara
My name is Kevin Calzavara, I am a sophomore public policy and finance double major with a minor in Spanish. I am from Ramsey New Jersey which is 25 minutes from New York City similar to many others on this campus. Besides being the Vice President of Intra-Collegiate affairs for RSA, I am also a Blue Hen Ambassador and the fundraising chair for the UD Triathlon Club.  One of my goals in life is to do an Iron man triathlon to show up my old man who did three NYC marathons. My end career goal is to become a U.S. senator because it the most secure elected position; essentially you can stay there for life which is incredible for an elected position. If you ever wonder why I am tan it is because I am a Colombian Italian raised by immigrants who decided to live the american dream.

Treasurer – Caitlin Compagnone
Hello Blue Hens! My name is Caitlin Compagnone and I am currently serving as the Treasurer for the Resident Student Association. I am a Junior Accounting & Management double major from New Milford, New Jersey. This will be my second year in RSA; previously, I served as the Governor of Ray Street C, and more recently, as the Vice President of Operations. This year I have also been honored with the opportunity to serve as a member of the Corporate Finance & Governance Committee for the Central Atlantic Region! If your RSO is interested in a co-sponsorship, or if you have any general questions, please feel free to contact me at or stop by Perkins during my office hours!

Complex Community Council Financial Director – Laura Campbell
Hi, my name is Laura Campbell and I am the Complex Community Council Financial Director for RSA. I am a Junior Art Conservation Major and Art History Minor. This my third year in RSA; I was previously a Floor Senator for Russell A1, in ThoLaRu, in my Freshman year and last year I was the Treasurer for the Central Complex Community Council (C4). If anyone ever has any questions about finance grants or money for events I am the girl to go to! I hope to see you all soon at my office hours!


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