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April 29, 2014
by Meghan Michele Clements
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Executive Board Candidate Statements


Rachel Zolotarsky

This is my second year being a part of the Resident Student Association and will hopefully not be my last. Fall of my freshmen year, I was part of the Rodney Complex Community Council (ROCC) executive board. That executive board was more of a family to me than they were co-workers; they made the University of Delaware feel like home. Once that year was coming to a close, I knew I wanted to continue being a part of the organization that I came to know as my family. I always looked forward to growing and learning through my experiences with this incredible RSO. That dream became a reality when I was elected to the Vice President of Operations position for the 2013-2014 school year. In that position I planned and organized the Inaugural Ball at the beginning of the year, created the new RSAmenities program, and ran the emergency elections at the beginning of spring semester. During these emergency elections, RSA lost their President. I stepped up to run for the position and take over for the rest of the semester. This is truly when the learning and growth I hoped to achieve from RSA became more of a reality than I had ever anticipated. During my transition into the Presidency position for the 2014 Spring semester, I discovered how much I truly loved the responsibilities of this position. I’ve enhanced my communication and leadership skills, while hopefully strengthening our organization. Through this position I have identified things that I would like to enhance within RSA that will continue to help it grow into the best RSO that it can be. I aim to create a better Complex Community Council (CCC) buddy system to ensure that the CCC and RSA executive board have excellent communication and a strong relationship. I hope to create this stronger relationship by incorporating one-on-one’s amongst CCC buddies, advisors, and CCC presidents and executive board members. More than that, I aim to create a stronger relationship between executive board members and the overall general assembly, not simply between CCC buddy and CCC. Furthermore, I would like to create more efficient and effective meetings. I would attain this by running a parliamentary procedure workshop during the first one or two general assemblies in the fall semester.  More than that, I would like RSA to take a stand on the sustainability of our campus by partnering with the Green Senate. Sustainability is an important part of our campus and an even more important aspect of the residence halls. Living in a clean environment should not be left to uncertainty, it should be clear how to recycle and keep our community clean. All in all, I have high expectations for the RSA and believe that I am the right candidate to get this RSO there. I am not promising that everything will always be smooth sailing, we all still have a lot to learn, but I can promise that I will work to the best of my ability to keep RSA as successful as it is.


Vice President of Operations

Eva Allison

The first month of college I was lucky enough to be encouraged by my peers and RA to run for a Complex Community Council position–Vice President of Rodney Complex. What I thought was going to be just a fun position turned into much more. I have had the pleasure of serving as the Vice President of Rodney Community Council (RoCC), a General Assembly Representative on the Residence Hall Leadership Council (RHLC), and becoming an inducted member of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). I have also been able to help write a School of the Year Bid for the University of Delaware on a national level and in June I will be attending the conference for the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). These experiences have assured me that I do not just want to continue being a part of the Resident Student Association (RSA) but also want to take my involvement to the next level. This is why I am so excited to be running for the Vice President of Operations for the Resident Student Association at the University of Delaware.

The VP of Operations serves many roles on the executive board. Some of the most prominent are overseeing the inner workings of RSA, managing the election process of the RSA executive board, and maintaining appropriate parliamentary procedure in RSA meetings as well as maintaining the constitution. The VP of Operations also steps in if the president is absent. They also co-chair the Inaugural Ball and End of Year Banquet. My involvement so far in RSA has given me a front row seat to many of these responsibilities in action and I have been happy to learn from that. As the current VP of RoCC I have held many of these same responsibilities on a smaller scale. Some of the correlations are, taking over for the president in her absence and maintaining the constitution. I have also gotten to plan many large-scale events, which have required me to be organized, timely, knowledgeable, and open to communication. These do not just translate to planning an event like the Inaugural Ball but being able to keep RSA running smoothly from start to finish. In addition, between high school experiences and RSA/NRHH this year, I have been exposed to a lot of parliamentary procedure. I have a good understanding of RSA’s current use of parliamentary procedure and have some ways to make it more fun and easy to grasp.

I think I can be an asset to the RSA General Assembly and E-board for three main reasons. The first is that I am organized. Organization and clever thinking are exactly what a detail oriented position call for. I am also eager to learn and a fast learner. I have become increasingly fascinated by residence life and I am always looking to expand my bank of knowledge on residence life, RSA and all the organizations it is connected to. Lastly, I have fallen in love with residence life. Unfortunately there is no way to quantify that, but I know running for and serving in this position is the best way I can think of to express my passion and enthusiasm.

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

Phil Botta

The resident student association has been a part of my life for as long as I have been in college.  I honestly cannot imagine what my college experience would be like without my membership in RSA.  This past year I was the Vice President of Programming.  I had the honor of planning and organizing RSA’s large scale carnival event Resapalooza.  It was an incredible experience and I learned a lot about myself and grew as a leader.  For the 2014-2015 I would like to apply for the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations.  I am interested in this position because I feel as though it is an underutilized position and has great potential for growth.  The Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations needs to promote RSA in every way possible.  RSA is one of the largest student run organizations on campus and RSA has the power and the resources to help students create the change they want to see on campus or create fun programs for their residents to enjoy.  RSA can also help other student organizations in their endeavors and it is important that those organizations know that.  Advertising and promoting this great organization is what this position is all about and I feel I can do just that.  I feel like this is the position for me because I love talking to people and I love talking about RSA.  I have many connections on campus which will allow me to better promote RSA and its goals.  I have talked and advertised RSA for 3 years and I would be honored to do it for one more.  As a member of the RSA Executive Board I have many assets that I would bring to the table.  First I would bring experience.  I know how this organization works and how to get things done.  I know how to advertise and speak about RSA and all the things that they do.  I have many connections on campus that will help me promote RSA and all the wonderful things that they do.  I would bring hard work and determination to RSA.  I have been a part of this organization for so long and I would do anything for it.  I am committed to this organization and what it stands for.  I know what it takes to be on this executive board and I am more than willing to give it the time and effort it needs.  Joining RSA has been the best decision I have ever made.  This organization opens doors for you that no other organization could.  You meet people and create friendships that will last a life time.  RSA is the greatest organization I have ever been a part of and I would love to be a part of it for my last year in college.

Vice President Intra-collegiate Affairs 

Nikki Reisher

Over the past eight months, I have been privileged to be a member of the Resident Student Association, representing Thompson, Lane, and Russell (ThoLaRu).  I have worked very hard in my position; attending all RSA meetings, ThoLaRu executive board meetings, facilitating Freshmen Semi-Formal planning, and I attended CAACURH 2013.  I am interested in running for Vice President of Intra-Collegiate Affairs because I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of RSA and now I want to serve on the executive board.  I also want to run for this position because I want to make a difference in the lives of residents here at University of Delaware.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my position on ThoLaRu this year but now I would like to have a greater impact on RSA and the residents.  I am also willing to put in the effort and hard work that this position demands.   I also have several ideas about connecting with other RSOs on campus and if elected this position, I would certainly have the opportunity to work with and coordinate events with other RSOs.

I feel that I would be the right fit for this position because I have been the Lane Hall Building Governor this year and I think that a building governor position is very similar to being the Vice President of Intra-Collegiate Affairs.  As building governor, I have represented ThoLaRu at RSA meetings, bringing complaints, compliments, and questions from my residents.  As VP of Intra-Collegiate Affairs, I would serve as a voice for RSA and the residents we serve to communicate with other RSOs and throughout the University of Delaware, such as Student Government Association and Dining, among many others.  I feel that I would be the right fit because I am organized and very good at communication with others.  I love communicating with people and meeting new people, and knowing that by doing something I love I will be helping the residents of this university means a lot to me.   I also feel that a big part of this position is recognition – Dining Employee of the Month and serving as the head of the leadership scholarship committee.  I feel that it is important to recognize others for their achievements and I would enjoy this aspect of the position.

As a member of the Executive Board of RSA, I would bring my spirit and positive attitude.  I will also bring my perseverance and hard work.  I am a very dedicated person, I will commit myself to this executive board if elected and will do my best to serve the residents of University of Delaware.

Kevin Calvazera

I am interested in running for the position of VP of intra-collegiate affairs because the position is one of the most interesting and diverse positions on the executive board. The position itself extends truly into all aspects of a student’s life and that is something I am interested in being involved in.  I enjoy seeing the different RSOs and departments of the University come together through one person. All year I have seen what the current VP Brandon Grabelsky has done for the organization and the student body and I have nothing but respect for what he has done.  One such instance I remember was a student asking for to-go coffee cups in Rodney. I thought dining would never listen, the University doesn’t listen to what we say because they have more important things to do. But within the next two weeks there were to-go coffee cups in Rodney. Being able to directly affect the student body even in such a little way seems to me a miracle in its own. If I could be the VP I would try and bring as much professionalism as Brandon brought to the organization. I would fit the position because I am a huge advocate for student activism especially after learning that the school actually listens, seeing the results of Brandon all year. A huge part of my freshman year has been dedicated to joining clubs and organizations on campus such as those in my complex, like green team and service team. I have given all the organizations my time and commitment much like I would give to the position as VP of Intra-Collegiate affairs; even above that I always try to get the organizations I am a part of to do more and do more with other clubs. If I were given the position I would try and expand on the programs that Brandon has started such as the “for the good of the campus” program and “dining employee of the month” program. As a public policy major and a person not afraid of confrontation instituting programs and evaluating them is what I love to do and I would love to bring that passion as a board member. Speaking to department heads and telling them what the student wants would be exciting to me every time I would do it. I want students to be more involved in their campus and I would try to get students more involved in my RSA affairs as well because getting what the students want is what I live for.

Kevin Calzavara – Inventor of the Foodie Friday

Rebecca Vareed

Having been part of this General Assembly for quite a few months, I’ve fallen in love with RSA and the ideas, values, and community it represents. RSA represents the students, and, as a building governor for Redding, I’ve learned what it means to advocate for the wants and needs of your residents. This is my main motivation for running for an Executive Board position- to advocate for residents and to work with different departments to make sure their needs or wants are satisfied. This is the responsibility of the VP of Intra-Collegiate Affairs. This position is made for that- reaching out, working with the university and its different departments, administrators, workers, etc., to respond to the resident’s questions, concerns, and requests.

As a building governor, I feel as though I’ve already developed crucial skills necessary to be an advocate for the residents. I have listened to my residents and brought their concerns to both my own executive board and to the RSA executive board. I know how to listen to residents and would love to be able to address their concerns on a larger scale. I also believe that I possess the skills necessary to be a liaison between the University and the students. I am able to work with superiors well, but firm enough to do my best to get what has been requested. I believe I have the personality necessary to work closely with different departments, while also working tentatively as to not jeopardizing the relationship between RSA and the University. Anyone who has heard me talk knows that I am loud enough for at least 5 people, and I will use that unusual skill of mine to speak for the residents of this University.

As a member of the RSA Executive Board, I believe I can bring many new aspects to an already very unique and well established executive board. As a hardworking and dedicated member of my CCC, I believe I can transition well to the large scale. I have a personality that lends well to working with new people and forming bonds and relationships, and I am also willing to compromise in order to work towards a larger idea. I am very energetic and able to keep people motivated when the going gets tough, and I love seeing hard work come to fruition. I have a bright perspective and am always trying to keep positive. I have new, fresh ideas that I love talking about, but I also know when to stay quiet and let other people express their ideas and opinions. I am encouraging, personable, and lively; all characteristics that I already see in this executive board. I am organized, dependable, and consistent in performance. I am also really excited to run for this position, and hope that I have the opportunity to bring my skills and enthusiasm to next year’s executive board.


Vice President of Programming

Briana Brookens

Hi! My name is Briana Brookens and I am interested in running for VP of Programming. I have been in RSA for three years now (yeah I’m old haha), starting off Freshmen year as the Treasurer of George Read, then President of Ray Street and now currently holding an executive board position in RSA as VP of PR and Marketing. Obviously the dedication is real haha! All joking aside, RSA has pretty much been a major part of my college career. Over the course of three years, I have seen RSA grow and accomplish things that seemed nearly impossible when I first began in 2011.

The reason I am interested in running for VP of Programming is because I feel as though I have a lot to offer the position. Over the three years and seeing the different themes and styles that each of the VP of Programmings have put into Resapalooza and other events thrown by RSA, I feel as though I have acquired the skills and dedication needed to throw such a huge event. I also have shown over the years and also in other RSO’s I am involved in, that I am able to creatively think outside of the box in order to make events and other things more appeasing to the public.

The reason that I feel as though I am a right fit for this position is because with the time I have put into RSA over the years, I have gained the contacts, skills, and dedication needed to put ourselves out there and our name on the map. Some things I have previously done in other E-boards include:

  • Gaining universal FOBS for George Read
  • Putting in a grant that allowed the George Read bus stop to gain two bus benches
  • Getting a basketball court put up alongside Ray Street
  • Creating RSA chords for graduating seniors
  • Helping plan Night on the North (2012, 2013)
  • Helping plan Freshmen Semi Formal (2012)
  • Throwing Ray Fair (2013)
  • Volunteering at Resapalooza (2012,2013,2014)
  • Outside planning: Philanthropic Event Coordinator for APO (helping plan a community 5k)

Being VP of Programming is a harder job than most people think and because having a hand in what Resapalooza should embody and how much work and dedication it takes to fufill such a hard task, and also planning the major events for RSA on North Campus for the past three years, I understand what it takes.

Even though I have been able to put a hand into some of these events, I have learned most importantly that in order to accomplish all of this, you must learn to lean on others. None of this could have been possible without the entire Eboards and having a hand in RSA eboard’s for a while now, I have mostly learned that they become almost your second family. What I can bring to the eboard next year is complete dedication. RSA has been a part of me for more than 75% of my college career and I could not see myself not being in RSA for the final 25% of it.

To wrap up this mumbo jumbo, the time I have spent in RSA has been the best times of my life. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone more times than I would like to admit. In the beginning of my Freshmen year, surprisingly enough I was not all that comfortable making huge decisions or even having to work with others, or for the most part, truth them. RSA has not only helped shape me into the person that I have always wanted to be, but it has also allowed me to flourish into the person I needed to be. Helping make “A residence hall a home” has allowed me to create lifelong friends, skills, and memories that I want to continue to develop. With just one more year left here at UD, I feel as though I have not yet finished what I’ve started here.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration as VP of Programming!


Amanda Flagg

I am interested in running for the position of Resident Student Association’s Secretary for various reasons. I was secretary of Rodney’s Community Council this year, however I feel that I am ready to challenge myself with a more advanced position of leadership. As RSA secretary, I will be able to utilize my organizational skills as well as my time management skills to make sure all of our meetings are recorded and sent out promptly. I am very personable and I genuinely enjoy motivating people to get involved, therefore I will bring my enthusiasm to this position during our executive board meetings as well as general assembly meetings. I love RSA and by being a member of the executive board I will be enabled to bring new ideas and change to the residents of the University. I feel that I would be the right fit for this position because I have two years of experience holding a secretary position and with my prior knowledge of RSA and how things are run, I would be excited to not only use this familiarity but also expand on my skills. YAY RSA!!!!


Carly Alexander

Hello Everyone!

My Name is Carly Alexander and I am running for RSA treasurer. I am a member of the Varsity Women’s rowing team and am majoring in occupational therapy. This past year I have been involved in my residence hall as the community council president, which was a very rewarding experience.  Through all of these commitments I have learned how to efficiently manage my time which I believe will benefit the RSA e-board. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Blue Hen community and hope to continue to do so as your treasurer! Thank you for your time and remember vote for me because it just makes cents!

Caitlin Compagnone

I have been a member of the Resident Student Association since the Fall of 2013 and have served as the Vice President of Operations on the Executive Board since this past February. My time at RSA has been more than fulfilling. The fact that I both have access to the vast amount of knowledge the individuals at this University have to offer and an impact on the goings on have encouraged me to take action in ways I had never thought possible.

The time has come to elect the Executive Board of the Resident Student Association for next year and I have chosen to run for the position of Treasurer. Although I love my current position as the Vice President of Operations, I cannot see a better fit for me than as the Treasurer of this wonderful organization. I have had an infatuation with numbers since a young age, and because of this, I ran for, and was elected to serve as the Treasurer of my high school. Because of this position, I decided to major in Accounting when I came to the University of Delaware. Serving as the Treasurer of RSA would be the perfect fit with the rest of my life like the missing piece of the puzzle!

Serving as the Treasurer of RSA next year would be more than just a rewarding experience for me. Not only would I be able to put my future career goals into my Executive Board position, but I would be able to remain a part of the organization I have come to love so dearly. I cannot imagine myself as being separate from RSA now that I have become a part of it. Entrusting me with the position of Treasurer would be a great honor and would allow me to continue to fulfill my passion during my time at the University of Delaware. Thanks everyone!!!

CCC Financial Director

Laura Campbell

My name is Laura Campbell and I am running for the position of Finance Director. This past year I had the privilege of being the Treasurer of C4, the Central Complex Community Council. I have had such an amazing time working with the other members of C4’s Executive Board and will be sad not to be working with them so closely next year.

This being said I want to take on a larger role in the Resident Student Association. As Finance Director I would be in charge of all funding for the complexes. At first this seems like a daunting task to anyone, but I feel like in this position I could help foster great opportunities on this campus. I would be able to help the greater campus community come together and become more connected to one another. By being able to provide funding to all of the complexes on campus I would be helping the residents meet one another, creating lasting memories and friendships.

I am qualified for this position because I have great experience as a treasurer already, which is very similar to what the Finance Director does. In the position I would oversee all of the planning and execution of programs in the complexes. Thus far I have been an integral part of events held on the Central Complex this year. Though C4 is known to be one of the quieter complexes on campus, we have made substantial strides in getting our community together. From the Thanksgiving Dinner to the May the 4th Be With You event, soon to occur, we have brought our once disconnected and quiet community together as one. I also am not afraid to be the devil’s advocate on issues. I am constantly trying to ensure that all events and programs will be the best they can be by ensuring that all points of view on any issue are addressed. As a Chemistry major I am no stranger to math, it is a constant within my life. I thus will have no trouble keeping a balanced budget. This year for instance I have never had a problem when audited. I am very orderly and punctual in general, and will always get money to complexes as fast as possible so they can begin their programs.

I truly feel that I can be an integral part of the RSA executive board. I can bring much to the table from my time on C4 and as a resident of the campus community. I look forward to helping complexes create events and planning for the future. I am eager to start developing and partaking in all of the events that will occur next year!

Johnathan Miklos

Upon coming to the University of Delaware, I was ready to just focus on solely my academics my freshman year. While living at George Read, I’ve had some ideas on how my complex government could promote advocacy in the complex and ideas of better programs but I did not take action. However, the following year I decided to take charge and run for treasurer for the Independence complex. During my run as treasurer, I was to contribute my ideas, thoughts, and improve the residence life in the complex. As acting treasurer, my responsibility was to balance both the budget of our programs and the checkbook.  I’ve kept the budgets organized during the time and passed both University audits with ease.   Being treasurer, I also am familiar with the finance grants and the procedure of these grants from start to finish. There must be organization when it comes to spending the Universities money that we receive because they get the money from our tuition. So when there are mistakes in budgeting, incorrect spending hurts everyone especially the students.  As financial director and part of the Executive board, I will make sure that finance grants are kept organized and at the end of the year there is no discrepancy in the budget. I will also bring my own ideas for programs and changes to both the Exec-board and the CCC government I will buddy with if elected. I would also like to plan ways to make it easier for CCC governments to apply for grants and keep the general assembly up to date with budget like we have had in the past. Of course, I would like to uphold the main objective for RSA, to make every residence hall a home.



February 18, 2014
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Spring 2014 Office Hours


Rachel Zolotarsky
  • Monday: 12:00PM – 1:00PM
  • Wednesday: 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Phil Botta
  • Tuesday: 2:00PM – 3:00PM
  • Thursday: 2:00PM – 3:00 PM
Meghan Clements
  • Tuesday: 12:30PM – 2:00PM
  • Thursday: 12:30PM – 2:00PM
Chris Micale
  • Monday: 2:00PM – 3:00PM
  • Wednesday: 2:00PM – 3:00PM
Polly Wardell
  • Monday: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Wednesday: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
Kyle Husni
  • Tuesday: 4:00PM – 6:00PM
Briana Brookens
  • Monday: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Wednesday: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Friday: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
Matt Hermenau
  • Monday: 11:300PM – 1:30PM
  • Friday: 11:30PM – 1:30PM
Brandon Grabelsky
  • Monday: 1:30PM – 2:30PM
  • Friday: 1:300PM – 2:30PM
Caitlin Compagnone
  • Monday: 3:30PM – 4:30PM
  • Wednesday: 3:30PM – 4:30PM

October 3, 2013
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If you are interested in running for a CCC position, please fill out a CCC Candidate Registration Form located on our StUDent Central Page:

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December 6, 2012
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Making Residence Halls a Home

RSA stands for the Resident Student Association. RSA is the representative voice for undergraduate students living in the residence halls. We support students’ rights and strive to enhance the cultural, educational, and structural aspects of residential living through our connections with dining, housing, public safety and partial funding of complex council and RA programming. We provide services such as carpet and linen sales, refrigerator and microwave rentals, bed lofts, and welcome & final exam kits. RSA also forms partnerships with other student organizations and the University administration through meetings and co-sponsorships.

November 15, 2012
by Jheri Renee Grossman
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RSA Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

RSA will be handing out paper bags to those living on campus to try and help the victiams of Hurricane Sandy. Residents will be asked to put money, toilitries, clothes, and anything else that may help those who have been affected by Sandy. The bags can then be dropped off on Monday the 19th in the dining halls at dinner time, at the RSA office in room 304 at Perkins, or can be given to member’s of your Complex Community Council. Please help those who still desprately need it.

October 21, 2011
by Karol Tatiana Oviedo
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Making a Difference, Where it Matters Most

RSA stands for the Resident Student Association. RSA is the representative voice for undergraduate students living in the residence halls. We support students’ rights and strive to enhance the cultural, educational, and structural aspects of residential living through our connections with dining, housing, public safety and partial funding of complex council and RA programming. We provide services such as carpet and linen sales, refrigerator and microwave rentals, bed lofts, and welcome & final exam kits. RSA also forms partnerships with other student organizations and the University administration through meetings and co-sponsorships.