Education & Training

There are several different offerings of training for HPC resources and software. The Research Computing Staff currently host a UNIX Basics Series four times a year and are looking into adding Python training in the coming year. Materials for these training sessions can be found at the HPC Wiki–a wiki containing all of the documentation for using the IT Research Computing Community Clusters.


Additionally, the Research Computing Staff offers individual and group-based training sessions on various topics by request.

Training Postings

Esri led instructor training at UD

The State of Delaware has been working in conjunction with the University of Delaware to offer a unique training event for Esri/ArcGIS. There will be two classes held the week of August 15th-19th 2016 at the University of Delaware. These two classes will be full day...

July Unix Basics Training Series

The Unix Basics Series in July will consist of three 1.5 hour sessions to cover Unix/Linux for beginners, using an editor (vi) and an introduction to UD’s HPC community clusters.  These sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Pearson Hall in Faculty...

OpenACC Tutorial + Workshop Follow Up

Following this month’s OpenACC Tutorial and workshop, Sunita Chandrasekaran, Asst. Professor CIS and the UD GPU Hackathon coordinator, has been blogging about the UD GPU community and the various events that are being hosted here at UD.  Check out her write-up...

Training Calendar

Upcoming Events

July 7: Unix Basics Series: Introduction to Linux/Unix

July 19: Unix Basics Series: Learning the vi text editor

July 21: Unix Basics Series: UD’s HPC Community Clusters

August 9: XSEDE HPC Workshop: Big Data

September 7-8: XSEDE HPC Workshop: MPI

October 4: XSEDE HPC Workshop: OpenMP


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