Currently there are no compute nodes available for purchase on the Mills or Farber clusters. Below is an example of the prices for the standard compute nodes and the specialty compute nodes for the Farber cluster. These prices include at least 1 TB of shared disk space for the users in your research group.

We are currently working on the next cluster.  Please contact us or submit a purchase inquiry form to express your needs and interests in the next cluster or we would be happy to set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss your options.

Additional Notes:

  • IT covers half of the cost of the total cluster.
  • IT provides free technical support for all of your cluster needs.
  • IT offers additional storage options, including long-term storage. Contact us for more details.
  • When other community partners’ nodes are idle, you may use them for a given period of time based on the number of cores requested. View our “policy” for more information on this practice.
  • This cost covers the entire life of the cluster–with a warranty extending 4 years from the cluster’s original purchase in September 2014.


“The importance of the community clusters in our research is that they provide a gateway to access larger national computing resource, e.g., XSEDE. As you can see, before 2012 we only get toy hours from XSEDE (below 150k SU). After we have Mills, we start to get significant SUs from XSEDE. This is because we can test run our code (for scalability, etc) in Mills and justify applying more hours from XSEDE.”

Dr. Tian-Jian Hsu

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

“The Mills cluster has been one of the reasons why I accepted my position at UD. Without it, I would not have been able to perform the computer-intensive simulations that I need for my research on turbulence generated by wind turbines. Being the biggest users of the cluster, my team and I have been interacting very closely with the IT team, whose support and help have been invaluable.”

Dr. Cristina Archer

Associate Professor, Physical Ocean Science and Engineering


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