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September HPC Symposium Wrap-up

The fall 2017 High Performance Computing Symposium session on Wednesday, Sept. 27 was  kicked off by IT Research Computing staff announcing the plans to use Penguin as the vendor for the next community cluster using the Tundra Extreme Scale (ES) design. They also...

FUNWAVE-TVD workshop hosted on Mills cluster

The University of Delaware, the Center for Applied Coastal Research (CANR), and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) came together July 25 through 27, 2017 to host a FUNWAVE-TVD workshop. The three-day workshop consisted of training sessions for...

NERSC Scales Scientific Deep Learning to 15 Petaflop

A collaborative effort between Intel, NERSC and Stanford has delivered the first 15-petaflops deep learning software running on HPC platforms and is, according to the authors of the paper (and to the best of their knowledge), currently the most scalable deep-learning...


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