Clinic Aide

Becoming a volunteer at the Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic is a great way to gain exposure to the physical therapy profession. Volunteers are extremely helpful to the staff in assisting with the flow of patient care. Hours can be submitted for application to physical therapy schools, and letters of recommendation can be completed if the volunteer goes above and beyond.

How to Participate

Signing up to be a volunteer is simple!

Come down to the Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic: 540 S. College Ave., Suite 160, Newark, DE 19713

  • Notify the front desk that you wish to be an aide.
  • Fill out a form with your information and a checklist will be given to you in order to be completed within the clinic. This will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • Find a day and time on our current semester volunteer schedules that you will be available to volunteer every week (2 hrs minimum).
  • A new schedule is posted every semester.
  • The final step of your training is to complete a New Aide orientation within the first two weeks you have signed up to volunteer. Orientations are held at various times throughout the semester.

Your main objective as an aide is to assist the working physical therapists with any tasks they need help with. The clinic can get busy at times, and any assistance you can provide to help make the therapist’s job easier is appreciated.  Frequent tasks you will help with include:

  • Cleaning the tables after each patient is finished and replacing pillowcases
  • Getting ice or hot packs for the therapists to use with patients
  • Bringing equipment to the therapists for them to use with exercises
  • Assisting patients through their exercises under PT supervision
  • Regularly wiping down weights and equipment
  • Obtaining body mass index (BMI) and vital signs for new patients
  • Keeping laundry going throughout the day

At other times, there may not be many patients in the clinic. During this down time, there are many other tasks aides can perform to keep the clinic running cleanly and efficiently. Your job is to stay active and ask if anyone needs help!

Clinic Aide Dress Code

Remember, you are volunteering in a professional healthcare setting. As such, you should always display professional behavior and abide by our dress code.

  • Appropriate attire includes: dress shorts/capris to the knee or longer, cargo shorts to the knee or longer, dress pants/khakis, long or short-sleeve shirts or blouses, golf shirts, polo shirts, business casual tops, loafers, flat shoes, dress sneakers that are neat and clean, NOT worn for exercising/working out, without holes.
  • Inappropriate attire includes: cut-offs or any shorts above the knee, jeans, leggings or jeggings, T-shirts, spandex or athletic shorts/pants, hats or sunglasses, dresses or skirts, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops or any sleeveless top, half-shirts, revealing shirts, or shirts showing cleavage, sandals, flip-flops or beach/pool shoes, dirty/tattered shoes or shoes with holes, slacking waist pants
  • You will be sent home for any dress code violation

Attendance Policies for Aides

  • If you cannot work a shift, the policy is for you to try to find someone to cover you. Call the clinic (302) 831-8893 ASAP to tell them you cannot make it. Three absences may result in your termination as an aide.
  • It is important to BE ON TIME and to call if you have an emergency and will be late for your shift. If you do not call or do not show for your scheduled time, you may be asked not to return.
  • If you decide you can no longer fulfill your volunteer commitment, please let the front desk know ASAP so we can take your name off the schedule.