“My positive experiences were due to a variety of reasons. All of the reasons and circumstances were dependent upon each other. 1) Doctors who LISTENED and worked side by side with my therapists to GUIDE my progress. 2) Caring therapists who LISTENED and adjusted my program to meet my individual needs and requirements BASED upon progress. 3) My own trust in both parties enabled me to WANT to heal because they believed I could and would. In short, a team approach with the patient as part of the team!”


Becoming a volunteer at the Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic is a great way to gain exposure to the physical therapy profession. Volunteers are extremely helpful to the staff in assisting with the flow of patient care. Volunteers may use these hours to submit for application to physical therapy schools.

How to Participate

Signing up to be a volunteer is simple!  Come down to the Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic, located at 540 S. College Ave., Suite 160, Newark, DE 19713 and notify the front desk that you wish to be an aide. They will have you fill out a form with your information and give you a checklist of different tasks that need to be completed within the clinic for your training. This will take approximately 30 minutes. Next, find a day and time on the current semester volunteer schedules that you will be available to volunteer every week. A new schedule is posted every semester. The final step of your training is to complete a New Aide orientation within the first two weeks you have signed up to volunteer. Orientations are held at various times throughout the semester.

“My heartfelt thanks go to the Physical Therapy Clinic at the University of Delaware. Since I seem to injure myself more than most people, I have gone there several times. No matter what my injury, they have “fixed me up” and allowed me to leave in a greatly improved state. From my complicated rehab from a torn ACL reconstruction 20 years ago to my latest problem with my back and neck, the care I have received from the students and their cooperating professors has been absolutely fabulous. They listen carefully to the patient and the resulting treatment has, thankfully, always been successful. I would not go anywhere else because of the top-notch care that I receive at UDPT.”