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Partnerships in Action

School of Public Policy and Administration’s LEAD490 Capstone Course 

LEAD490 successfully completed another state-wide, day-long Leadership Conference for over 150 high-schoolers.

A partnership between the School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware and the Jefferson Awards Foundation

Watch to see how learning and leadership can be fun!

Stubbs Elementary School

PreK–5 Elementary School with a STEM focus in Wilmington, Del.

A partnership between the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Delaware and Stubbs Elementary School in the Christina School District


This partnership is working to…

  • Support the development of instructional capacity in K–2 literacy
  • Examine and create positive behavior management and supports for students
  • Build community engagement through making necessary services accessible






 Mechanical Engineering Student Squad

A department-wide initiative that seeks to positively impact the recruitment, retention, and advancement of young mechanical engineers in the University of Delaware (UD) community.

A partnership between the College of Engineering at UD and Delaware Middle and High Schools

eng-picThis partnership is working to…

  • Conduct hands-on engineering demonstrations in middle and high school science classrooms. MESS members create their own curriculum with the help of faculty advisors, and it is made freely available online
  • Offer modules in Machine Design, Vibrations, Alternative Energy, Bio-Mechanics, and Composites
  • Support all recruiting activities for the UD Department of Mechanical Engineering, including prospective student tours, classroom visits from local schools, and college admission days


College Application Month

Part of a national effort of the American Council on Education to provide every graduating high school senior the opportunity to apply to college

A partnership between the Institute for Public Administration at the University of Delaware and the Delaware Department of Education

de-goes-to-collegeThis partnership is working to…

  • Ensure that students are applying to college with one on one help from volunteers
  • Create a college-going atmosphere at each school by celebrating seniors’ college acceptances
  • In 2016, all public schools from across the state participated


Delaware Teacher Preparation

Delaware requires a system of teacher preparation that is aligned with the needs of the K-12 community and provides a high quality, diverse teacher workforce in numbers matching the current and future demands of the K-12 educational system.

  • Check out this OpEd from the Delaware News Journal

What does it mean to be a partner?

Long term, mutually beneficial collaborations that are designed to leverage collective resources towards a shared goal and guided by jointly defined visions, roles, and strategies for achieving that goal. Interested in becoming a partner? Email Ariana Minella, at, or call 302-831-0184.