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NSS reports that several people fell for this scam last week:
Too many people clicked "CLICK HERE"!

This message didn’t even pretend to come from See a message like this one? Delete it.

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Phishers did not take Memorial Day / Commencement Weekend off. If you see a note like this one, you do know it’s a phishing scam, right?

Subject: Fresh news!
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 15:31:09 +0300
From: University of Delaware

Read our fresh news using the link below:

University of Delaware

Note that the link included spoofs a link.

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We all recognize email like this one as a phishing scam, right?

  • No legitimate company is going to send a billing notice to a list of customers with all the customer’s email addresses visible to each other.
  • Standard shock treatment. You’re supposed to react, “Oh, No! Someone charged over $1300 to my AmEx card to pay their phone bill!” Then click the link to let the scammers harvest your personal info. Don’t fall for the scam:
    Today's Verizon Wireless Scam

    Click the image to see this scam full size. Note that the link doesn't go anywhere Verizon would want you to go. Nor where you should go.

  • See this scam? Delete it.
  • Not sure if a message like this one is a scam? Log in to your account at the alleged sender’s Web site and check your account.
  • Fall for this scam? As soon as you can, contact the companies or institutions whose account information you provided to the scammers.

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Last month, Skidmore College reported seeing some identity theft scams using Google Docs forms. This week, we’ve just started seeing Google forms used as the “pharming” site behind phishing scams at UD.

Several people reported receiving email that looked like this message:

From: “info centre”
Subject: info centre..
Date: May 9, 2012 5:15:44 AM EDT


You have received a private message from your old friend who wished to get back in-touch with you. Please use the UDEL Private link below to login and view your message and possibly get in contact with your old friend.

Mrs. Mary. George
413 Academy Street
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
© 2012 University of Delaware

  • Don’t click the link. Just delete this message.
  • Last time we checked, UD was in a part of the English-speaking world that spells center with an “er” at the end, not an “re.”
  • If an alumni office is brokering a possible reconnection between two long lost alum, they usually include the name of the person trying to reach you.
  • Doing a quick UD People Search, we didn’t find any “Mary George.”
  • If someone at UD sends you a Google form to complete, it will have a URL that would start with a string like this one:

    If you’re curious, the pharming phorm looks something like this:
    Old Friend Pharming Phorm

There are plenty of other signs that this is not legitimate email.

Just delete it.

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