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LEAD (Leveraging Equity And Diversity) Ally Certificate

The LEAD Certificate Program is a tiered series of workshops designed to encourage participation in foundational and advanced educational offerings focused on equity and diversity. Workshops are offered exclusively through the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and are facilitated on a rotating basis throughout the academic year. Progress is tracked through OEI and the awarding of the LEAD Ally Certificate happens through the Office of Equity and Inclusion. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not available at this time. Each workshop is 90 minutes in length.

If you have previously taken any of LEAD workshops, you can count them towards your certificate progress. Please indicate which workshops you have previously attended when you register for the certificate program!

Full time employees can register for all workshops at

All others can register by calling OEI at 302-831-8063 or emailing at


These workshops provide an overview and introduction to understanding diversity. Foundational concepts and discussions will be geared towards those individuals with minimal experience engaging in these topics. Content will be low-risk for participants. (select 1 minimum)
Select 1


These workshops will build upon foundational concepts learned in previous workshops. Participants can expect to delve deeper into diversity-related topics and concepts previous discussed. Foundational/prior knowledge will be assumed. Content will be medium risk. (select 2 workshops minimum)
Select 2


(Coming Spring 2018) These workshops will educate participants on more complex diversity topics. Participants are expected to have already consumed primary diversity workshops as a foundation for more in-depth discussion. Medium risk. (select 3 workshops minimum)
Select 3
  • Introduction to Privilege
  • Understanding White Privilege
  • Understanding Male Privilege
  • Understanding Heterosexual Privilege
  • Introduction to Social Justice


These workshops provide additional opportunities to engage in more specific and timely topics related to equity and diversity. These workshops are optional for completion of the program. Content will rotate based on need and interest, and topics may be suggested for inclusion.
  • Deconstructing “Politically Correct” Narratives

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does certification originate?

The Lead Ally Certificate is awarded by the Office of Equity and Inclusion and is not affiliated with any other certificate programs at the University of Delaware. Receiving the certificate reflects your overall achievement in meeting the learning outcomes of each workshop.

When is the certificate awarded?

Participants are notified once they have fulfilled all requirements for the awarding of the certificate. A formal ceremony will take place each spring to publicly acknowledge the achievement.

Do I need to take the workshops in order if I am not interested in the LEAD Ally certificate?

No, you are still free to enroll in any workshop offered by the Office of Equity and Inclusion at any time. The LEAD Ally Certificate is designed for those individuals interested in a more structured approach in their professional development.

How will you know if I have completed the required workshops in the previous grouping?

We will continue to track participation in all OEI workshops through ConnectingU. If you indicate an interest in the LEAD Ally Certificate, your progress will be tracked internally in the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Why should I invest my time to sign up for the LEAD Ally Certificate program?

The program offers a more structured approach to your professional development and learning related to equity and diversity. Participation in the program will ensure that you gain the most benefit from each workshop you attend. In addition, upon completion, you will become a part of a network of professionals committed to advancing inclusive excellence on campus, and may have additional opportunities for learning and participation as a result.

Do I need to complete the program in one year?

No, there are no time constraints on the LEAD Ally Certificate program. The workshops will be offered on a regular basis, and are designed such that participants can attend at their own pace, and as time allows. We will continue to track participation from year to year moving forward.

How will I find out about elective workshops and other opportunities?

By signing up for the LEAD Ally Certificate Program, you will be automatically registered to receive the monthly OEI e-newsletter, which will contain announcements concerning upcoming workshop opportunities, as well as other valuable information.

Do I need to sign up at the beginning of the year?

No, you can register for the LEAD Ally Certificate program at any time. Your previous participation will be documented and you will be provided with an update on your progress towards receiving the certificate.

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