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OCM Organizational Chart

Vice President

Glenn Carter

Associate Director, Communications & Marketing

Skip Cook

Administrative Assistant

Missy Keane


Provost Communications Manager

Kate Bailey

Assistant Vice President

John Brennan

Director, Research Communications

Tracey Bryant

Managing Editor, Messenger

Artika Casini

Director, Leadership Communications

Mike Chalmers

Director Communications Admissions & Initiatives

Cindy Hall

Science Writer

Beth Miller

Communications Specialist

Eric Ruth

Managing Editor, UDaily

David Sell

External Relations

Media Relations Manager

Peter Bothum

Director, External Relations

Andrea Boyle Tippett


Senior Photographer

Kathy F. Atkinson

Advertising Associate

Nick Biasotto

Senior Director for Marketing

Meredith Chapman

Senior Art Director

Molly Chappell

Senior Art Director

Jeff Chase

Photo Coordinator

Cheryl Cunningham

Senior Art Director

Christian Derr

Marketing Operations Manager

April Doughty

Digital Content Specialist

Sarah Goldfarb

Branding and Trademark Director

Keith Heckert

Multimedia Specialist

Jason Hinmon

Web Developer

Andres Holland


Evan Krape

Senior Digital Developer

Corin Larraga

Advertising Coordinator

Kamesha Medley

Digtial Content Manager

Holly Norton

Digital Creative Specialist

Paul Puglisi

Senior Art Director

Don Shenkle

Creative Production Manager

Danny Wright

Design Coordinator

Kathy Wheatley

College Communications

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Adam Thomas

College of Arts and Sciences

Katie Meier

Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics

Jennifer Henrickson

College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Mark Jolly

College of Education and Human Development

Alison Burris

College of Engineering

Ann Lewandowski

College of Health Sciences

Dante LaPenta