Nurse Managed Primary Care Center

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Welcome to the Clinical Simulation Laboratory at the University of Delaware School of Nursing. Located in McDowell Hall, this specialized learning facility provides students the opportunity to enhance their skills in a risk free learning environment through practice-based, hands-on education.

The simulation laboratories are operational with real life patient simulators from across the lifespan allowing students to experience realistic patient care scenarios. Through application of clinical nursing skills and critical thinking, students learn how to respond to medical conditions in a safe, professional manner and supportive environment. There are four individual laboratories each with a specific focus on medical/surgical, health assessment, maternal-child, and critical care nursing skills.

The laboratories are staffed by nursing instructors who teach small group laboratory sessions and work directly with course instructors to ensure learning is applicable and timely. With the addition of audiovisual equipment in each laboratory, lab sessions can be video-recorded to provide a debriefing session. Students are an integral part of the debriefing session which allows the opportunity to reflect and receive feedback on individual and team performance.

Additionally, through an online scheduling system, students are provided with flexible lab scheduling and receive frequent email reminders pertaining to the labs. With total collaboration from the School of Nursing, laboratory coordinators are continually improving the simulation setting to enhance the content of the nursing courses and applying it in a clinical learning environment. Lab coordinators are continuously utilizing their many years of clinical experience to develop and incorporate realistic case scenarios into the computerized patient simulators to ensure learning is up to date, state of the art, and thoroughly integrated throughout the curriculum.