Past Exhibitions


Mechanical Hall Gallery: Beyond Borders: Bill Hutson & Friends

Mineralogical Museum: Gemstones: Aquamarine to Zircon

Old College Gallery: First Folio! The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare

Illustrating Shakespeare: From Boydell to Baskin

The Ese’Eja People of the Amazon: Connected by a Thread

Faculty X: Art and Design at UD


Mechanical Hall Gallery: Renderings: New Narratives and Reinterpretations

Mineralogical Museum: Sculpted by Nature: Silver and Copper from the Peter H. Farquhar Collection

Old College Gallery: Treasures and Tales of Italy’s Art Recovery Team: Antiquities from the Guardia di Finanza

Old College West Gallery: Delaware Awake! World War I at Home and Abroad


Mechanical Hall Gallery: Hassinger & Clark: Boxes, Combs and Constellations, FreshPAINT: African American Art @ UD

Mineralogical Museum: Recent Gifts, Recent Gifts II

Old College Gallery: Goya’s War: Los Desastres de la Guerra, Faces of the Collection

Old College West Gallery: From Samurai to Soldier: Japanese Prints of War 1830 – 1897, Strategy and Structure: The Work of Robert Straight


Mechanical Hall Gallery: Martha Jackson Jarvis: Ancestors’ Bones, Fatimah Tuggar: In/Visible Seams

Old College Gallery: New Art at UD, Gertrude Käsebier: The Complexity of Light and Shade,

Mineralogical Museum: Colorado Rhodochrosites from the Collection of Dave Bunk


Mechanical Hall Gallery: Magical Visions: Ten Contemporary African American Artists

Mineralogical Museum: Stone Carvings by Gerd Dreher from the Herb and Monika Obodda Collection



Natural Histories: Recent Work by Virginia Bradley

Stone Carvings by Gerd Dreher from the Herb and Monika Obodda Collection

Keith Morrison: Middle Passage

Andy Warhol: Behind the Camera


Abstract Relations

China Exhibit


Michigan Copper Exhibit


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