Old College Gallery

Old College Gallery is housed in Old College Hall, a National Historic Register building constructed in 1834, on the north campus of the University of Delaware in Newark. The Gallery encompasses both a main gallery and “west” gallery, and offers exhibitions of the University Collection, loan exhibitions, and student/faculty-generated exhibitions.

Indebted to donors who have given works of art to the University of Delaware over the past century, the University Collection reflects a wide range of objects. Strengths include photography from its origins to the present, with emphasis on the early twentieth century photography and the work of Gertrude Käsebier;  works of illustrator Howard Pyle and his students; a growing collection of American and Western European prints; Russian Icons of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and Inuit art. In moving forward, we seek to expand our holdings of American and European art, as well as of contemporary art.

In addition to exhibitions curated by Museums’ staff, the Old College Gallery provides a venue for exhibitions curated by faculty and students, offering a unique learning experience.   An extension of such student-curated exhibitions is regularly on view in the Roselle Center for the Performing Arts.


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