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    The Mission of the Muslim Faculty & Staff Caucus is to support the University of Delaware’s commitment to diversity as stated in its Path to Prominence TM strategic goals.


    The aims of the Muslim Faculty & Staff Caucus at the University of Delaware is to: 1) promote a supportive and welcoming environment in which Muslim faculty, professionals and staff can achieve their fullest potential as employees, and 2)  Make certain that all applicants of Muslim Heritage applying to different positions within UD receive a fair consideration based on their potentials.


    Caucus Objectives

    • The Caucus functions to encourage and facilitate professional and social networking among its members.
    • The Caucus functions to increase awareness and knowledge among its membership about matters related to their professional development at the University of Delaware.
    • The Caucus functions to support and encourage the University’s effort to make the work environment more welcoming for members.
    • The Caucus will assist UD colleges, departments, and other divisions in ensuring that all applying to different UD positions receive fair treatment.
    • The Caucus will address and assist to resolve all the grievances brought forward by its members.


    All persons of Muslim heritage employed by the University of Delaware are considered members of the Caucus.


    Muqtedar Khan, Associate Professor, Political Science & International Relations,