Everything to an End

‘What is common between the mountain and leadership’? This was the question that was asked during our leadership session in Disneyland. At that moment, the answer that crossed my mind was simply: it is so hard to claim it, but it is way harder to stay on top. Then as the activities went on the journey passed, I found myself wondering ‘why is this so?’ and what did Zoe mean when she said that ‘a chain is as strong as its weakest link’? Disneyland was not a mere day off for fun. It was the indeed the best opportunity to practice what leadership is all about. When we were taught that a good leader should know when to be a follower, or that s/he must have the ability to keep his/her group together, to work under pressure, to get out of their comfort zone, to persuade rather than force, to take into consideration the circumstances and the time limitations, we all were like; ‘yeah sure! We know all this’. But it was only in DisneyLand that we had to apply all this knowledge and test how much can we actually abide by it.

We had to stay together, we had to get the best of the day, we had to use the available resources when it comes to maps, batteries, food, time, money… and take into consideration the physical limits of one of us who had operations and cannot stand ‘California Scream’ yet is not fair to waste his time while we enjoy it. So we had to agree on a place to meet and for him to try another game then who ever finishes first wait for the other. A bigger challenge expressed itself when we did not all want the same game or the same lunchtime and we had to make up our minds without wasting time and energy.

After such a long day, the challenge was not over. For we had to pack and head to the airport in just few hours with no time to rest nor to sleep. In the plane on our way back, a man sat by my side reading on his eBook Reader where I caught a glance on what he was reading and the only sentence I remember seeing before falling asleep was ‘lead by example’. When I woke up, a new answer to that same question I started with pumped into my head: the similar thing between leadership and mountains is sometimes ‘to find the Courage and Curiosity-2 of the 6 Cs we learned- to claim it, but also to safely get down from the other side as well.’

Our journey to San Diego finally came to an end, which was double emotional, first ‘cause we all enjoyed our staying there, and secondly cause it was a reminder of what we will be experiencing leaving all this behind leaving back to our homes to finish our road of changing the world.

Sleep tight guys and remember: ‘to achieve what no one has… believe what no one does’ :D

Leadership Activities, Disneyland

Leadership Activities, Disneyland

Disney: Where Magic Happens

When I first got the email of my acceptance in MEPI and called my best friend who was the first to encourage me to apply in the first place, as she was a part of the 2013 MEPI, she said:   “your life is about to change.”

Surprisingly, when I went to the embassy I heard the same thing from all other MEPIs  and from the staff members  and that made me wonder: “what is so magical about this experience that could change me?”

Now after a month of being a part of the program I got the answer:  “a change happens when something big happens,“ as they say.

Getting the chance to be here, meeting this amazing staff and living with 22 MEPIs coming from different countries and different cultural backgrounds is BIG enough to make a change happen .

Disneyland in Our UD Shirts
Disneyland in Our UD Shirts

Today was my first visit to Disneyland, where all the magic happens: I saw magic , I felt it deep inside of me when I got back to the past and acted like a 5 year old kid again and all my friends and mentors were 5 years old again running and screaming and putting aside all the stress of life and getting over REALITY.

The beauty and the charm of the place remind me of how beautiful this universe can be.

I’ve never laughed this hard before, never had this much fun or smiled this big.  I was in the perfect place at the perfect time and with the perfect company .

Although I was very sick , I felt nothing because the feeling of happiness and joy was way bigger then the pain I had.




Now that the journey is about to end , I keep thinking thinking about the things I’ve learned from my friends, my mentors, the professors , the book I read, the children I met in my civic engagement and the guest speakers who were present during the program .

I’ve learned to never give up, to fight for what I want, to dream big, to act wise, to be open , to be ambitious and  to believe in myself .

They were all wrong , I didn’t change , I just got the perfect chance to discover myself more.



Dare to Change the World

San Diego, California
Asma in San Diego, California

« Asma you should apply in the MEPI 2014 , go out from your comfort zone, this will be one of the best experiences in all your life , and I am sure that you will be accepted just don’t hesitate » That was the advice of my friend, MEPI alumni 2013 Souha Werghi, and that’s what I did.

I applied and I was accepted and here I am writing these lines from San Diego ,with the UD MEPI family.

GoPro #Selfies
GoPro #Selfies

But before telling you my MEPI story, let me introduce myself.  I am Asma Kaouech , 22 years old from Tunisia.  I am recently graduated in public law  and I am an activist in the Tunisian civil society and you can define me as a leader.

And it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to be a 2014 UD MEPI.

Country Presentations...TUNISIAAAAA
Country Presentations…TUNISIAAAAA

Asma Pic 4

We are now about three weeks away from the end of this adventure.  Let me rewind this back to the 24th of June when it all began.

At first, all the MEPIs were shy,  that was the first moment that almost of us meet each other.  But, now we know, love, care, help and support each other . Now we are a family.  We, UD MEPIs have spent great moments together.  Certainly there are huge differences between us.  We came from different countries and we don’t have the same ways of thinking.  We are really different and although have our differences, we made a success story.  In fact, the things that we have in common are more than things that separate us.  We are MEPIs because we are different, because we are complementary, because we love this world, and we want to make it a better place and to make a positive change.

Let me give you a little summary of what I have learned from this program.

First , show up: This means take the initiative and do not be shy and hesitant of your dreams. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Cecond , speaking up:  this means you should express your opinion.

Third, team up: because we can’t realize our success unless if we are united.

Fourth, make the world a better place

Then:  share your success and never give up.

And that’s what I am doing as a leader.

Civic Engagement at Kingswood Community Center
Civic Engagement at Kingswood Community Center

Today 16th July 2014, we went to the Joan B.Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice which is the nexus of practice, policy and scholarship in peace building and human rights. This was an unforgettable session; I learned great information from great people. I learned that Peace is not just a cause; it is an attitude, a daily lifestyle. Ms Diana Kutlow the IPJ senior program officer give me a lot of inspiration, she is an amazing lady that lives not only for her but for others. She has done a lot of training in conflict-affected countries bringing together civil society, governments, the security sector and human rights advocates to address the inequalities that fuel conflict and find paths to sustainable peace.

Joan B. Kroc Center for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego
Joan B. Kroc Center for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego

That visit to the Joan B.Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice inspired me a lot and gave me a big push to pursue my dream: changing the world.

All in all, I am a Tunisian young MEPI that walks with a purpose, that has a big dream and who is making her life a story worth telling.

UD MEPI , Dare to be first , Dare to be leader , Dare to change the world.

National Constitution Center Museum.  Taking the Oath of Office.
National Constitution Center Museum. Taking the Oath of Office.
Asma: Blue Hen Forever
Asma: Blue Hen Forever






A Kid in a Candy Store

It’s finally here, the day we have been waiting for since the very first day we landed in the American fossil. We are going to the beautiful state of California! And DISNEYLAND!!! We got up early today because even though we had a 10 hour journey ahead of us we still have to take classes #NoComplaints. After we finished classes we headed back to the towers to load the vans and head to the airport. At that point you can see the excitement shining off our faces… until we boarded the plane and had to wait in 120 minutes of absolute boredom because the weather was too risky for us to take off. Because our flight got delayed for 2 hours that meant we probably are going to miss our connecting flight which made everyone more anxious. Fortunately we landed in Denver, Colorado just in time to run to the other aircraft but hey things can’t be that easy with the MEPIs.  As we boarded safely on the other plane, Ray realized that she forgot her carry on in the other plane so she had to rush back making us feel every nanosecond like if the plane was about to explode –which Shabeeb would absolutely love-. When we all boarded the other plane and made sure that everyone is safe and not missing their luggage or possibly limb we were relieved. A few hours later I peeked into the airplane ant-sized window to see the beauty of nature and culture mingled in a state called California. As we were landing our excitement took off at the overwhelming site of San Diego. Since San Diego’s airport looked like heaven to us we couldn’t imagine Disneyland making us feel any less than an obese kid who has been on a diet and finally got a day off in a candy shop. Literally.


Not Just a Spaghetti Stick

The Marshmallow Challenge
The Marshmallow Challenge

          Ok, so I know the point of this blog entry is to write down my experience up till this point, but I really want to talk about something that has been on my mind since Day 2 of this program.  Before we departed to Delaware, a teamwork exercise was conducted titled: The Marshmallow Challenge. We were required to build the tallest building using spaghetti sticks (My team won but that’s not the point).  After the project we were asked to reflect upon our experience by asking ourselves questions such as: Why did we fail? Or how can we build a higher tower?  My focus was on the spaghetti sticks at the base of the marshmallow tower we built. I felt those were the catalysts to our success.

          Too often, we see leaders of different institutions in the Middle East region at the top of the Pyramid/tower, etc, while those institutions are run by the Spaghetti sticks in the bottom of the Pyramid/tower. But wait, are those just spaghetti sticks? And what makes them more efficient or stronger than other spaghetti sticks? While I was asking myself these questions I realized that I was comparing successful Civic Engagement organizations in the US with the organic ones in the Arab world and particularly in Qatar. I could not reach an answer to my questions yet. Whenever I try to find an answer I end up with more questions.

          The first reflection I came up with at the Marshmallow Challenge is the spaghetti sticks at the bottom are the true leaders of the successful structure.  If the base is solid, the rest should be ok right? Wrong! Our team used a plastic bag to hold our marshmallow tower half way through. Without that plastic bag we would have never made it to the top. So it’s not just the base of an organization that decides if it’s strong enough to continue growing. We might see organizations with strong spaghetti sticks and bad plastic bags that mess things up along the way, right?

          The solution to my problem was addressed in a seminar by Dr. Tracy and Ms. Rachel a week and a half ago. They explained to us a successful leader should be able to show some experience and enthusiasm in tasks he/she assigns to the team members in an organization. In other words, “Leadership is not about assigning people with tasks you are not willing to do by yourself”.

          To conclude, my answer is tentative and will always be subject to future changes. One thing for sure is that we are not here to become just spaghetti sticks. We’re here to become strong spaghetti sticks, flexible plastic bags and finally chewy Marshmallows.

Team Building Exercises on Laird Campus, UD
Team Building Exercises on Laird Campus, UD



We the People

As I sit this moment in front of my computer thinking about today, I can only hear one sentence repeating itself over and over. “We the people”. Though I had a considerable amount of fun watching a baseball game and a hilarious monkey rodeo show, for the first time in my life, all I can seem to care about is this three words sentence.

The highlight of today’s events for me was our visit to the National Constitution Center, where I got the chance to discover the History of the United States of America.



Inside this great modern edifice resides one of the best museums where the Stories of America are being preserved forever. In addition, I can gladly add that they are doing a great job in accomplishing that fact.

We began first by watching a uniquely styled movie show that presented the history of America throughout time, starting from  the British Colonial Era, going through the decoration of independence, the Civil War and finally arriving to the draft of the Constitution.

After the movie we had a guided tour around the exhibit , where all the  names and the events that made the  America of  today were displayed for the public eye to discover, appreciate and respect.

We then  spent the second half of our time at the Thomas Jefferson Slavery Exhibit, where I had the pleasure to watch a short documentary about slavery and Thomas Jefferson.

This visit had brought so many emotions to my heart, that I don’t  even know from where to start.

During  this tour, all I kept thinking about are the wars on the other side of the globe, especially in my part of the world.  Suddenly everything seems perfect, and coming from  a place where basically everything isn’t, kept me thinking . what makes the difference?

Walking around the different sections and trying to find an answer to my question made me even more frustrated.

All I could see is how well thought everything was for the generations to come to decide what was best for them. Of course it is never an easy fight to make a change on a heavy scale like the government of a country, but looking at the possibility of that was tremendously awakening. At this particular part comes the role of civil society. A society aware of its rights and obligations, acknowledging that the reality is not what it’s supposed to be, but only what it is, and last but not least believing in higher values as the best map towards happiness.

I stopped at each civil right activist and read their stories on how  they abolished many injustices of the world. I saw Thomas Jefferson on Slavery, Martin Luther King and  Rosa parks on Racism and  Jane Addams on women’s rights and equality. I cannot summarize the history  of civil rights in a few names, simply because the list is endless. And suddenly, I have found the answer to my question . “ Because the list is simply endless” . If everyone of us contributed to a cause , making an endless list of contributions we’ll definitely make a difference.

I remember our embassy coordinator, before arriving to the states, saying: “Americans give their time and money to causes they believe in, and you know how important are those two things to them”

As a conclusion, No law, no article and no constitution can make a difference as long as it is ink on paper. It is the people, their sacrifices and their consistent drive to make the world a better place to live in that makes the difference. My hope is that I can deliver this message to my people, so they can finally start looking at the future as their own, and have a word in making it a better place for them.


Where the Constitution was Signed

Where the Constitution was Signed







A Journey of Change with My Second Family

I do not know where to start. Most of the things I’ve ever done so far are indescribable, and I’m still only halfway on the road.  I  have learned more things in a week than I have learned in months.  Every day is better than the day before.  I have gone back to a sense of learning that I almost los. I will start step by step .

Civic Engagement with Hussein at the Garden for the Community

Civic Engagement with Hussein at the Garden for the Community


When I met with other UD MEPIs and the staff for the first time at Georgetown University I said to myself that I will spend 6 weeks with them  and then every person after that go to achieve this dream or goal just like that quick process, but I did not know that those same people will become  my brothers & sisters.   I did not know they will be with me in a life changing experience riding together in this journey and will become my MY SECOND FAMILY everyday I learn new thing from them.   We are like a big happy family.  Professer Tracey as our mom and Rachel acting like our big sister and the staff as our older brothers and sisters who protecting us.  Everyone cares about one another—it is kind of funny but it is true so big love to my second family.

Meeting Senator Chris Coons

Meeting Senator Chris Coons

As far as education goes, I have attended many motivational lectures ..

They have made ​​me think of another way … new goals -high goals.  We have learned about the use of media to persuade—its goals, advantages and disadvantages. We learned about the American political culture, we have volunteered at sites that are more than wonderful, we met important people like Senator Chris Coons—the highest political position I met in my life.

We made friends in a short period more than what can be described verbally.  I have learned so much about my weaknesses and my strengths.

The present: today

Another beautiful educational day happened today.  First, we had Dr.. Muqtedar Khan giving us a lecture on “Islam and the Challenges of Pluralism and Democracy.”   This is a lecture that  I have not found in my home as a Muslim country.  We learned more about accepting other religions—it was a stimulating lecture, full of ideas and after a lecture on democracy and Islam, we went to the mosque for Friday prayers.  I felt like I was at my mosque in my home country.


Tricky Pic 3

… and then we attended a lecture with Jason Mycoff for “Political Action and Voter Mobilization.”  We learned about the main points to win any campaign or race, or any competition what you need to win, what is the most important things you need to run a campaign.  We learned a lot from him.  Everyday we learn new ideas, new strategies.   Blue Hen forever.

Tricky Pic 4

–Younis Moussa

A Leader’s Place is in the Front Row

Kingswood Community Center

Kingswood Community Center

July 10th marked another remarkable day in our adventure, the adventure we embarked on to fulfill the promise we made on our first day of the MEPI student leaders program, “we’re here to change the world” we shouted but change comes through action not mere words and that action is what we pursued.

The day started with lecture on women’s activism in the U.S. by Dr. Anne Boylan.   We were introduced to the history of women’s activism and the struggles they had to overcome to provide the current generation with the rights they currently entertain. “Never give up” is what may summarize our session as we all came to conclusion that diligence is one of the most important characteristics of a leader.

Next we visited three places, University of Delaware’s Community Garden, the Latin American Community Center, and Kingswood Community Center. We split ourselves into three groups visiting these places simultaneously; we tilled the ground and planted seeds for vegetables which will be donated to the local food bank, we played with children hailing from poverty stricken families and at-risk environments.

This was our second visit to these places and the bonds we created with the people there were greatly strengthened, fuelling our passion for civic engagement, the passion which is behind every positive change that occurs in our world. As a person I believe that direct contact with people is necessary for sharing emotions, emotions such as need and happiness which I really can’t connect with through newspaper articles or videos.  During our visits we had the ideal environment to interact and bond with people whom we will serve as soon as we go back to our countries.


Garden for the Community at University of Delaware


Servant Leadership at Kingswood Community Center


Meeting with the Clinton Global Initiative-U Students

Our day concluded by meeting members from the “Clinton Global Initiative University” who work on projects similar to ours.

They work on providing clean water in poor villages in Tanzania, Providing preschool books for families who don’t have the resources to finance their children preschool education, and media awareness campaigns against junk food. We exchanged ideas and opportunities in a very friendly setting, we focused on challenges that might face us when implementing our projects in our countries, and finally we discussed chances of collaboration while exchanging contacts.

Today we learned that leaders don’t lead just by sitting on a desk or talking all day long, they have to walk down the streets and touch base with the people they serve, today we edged closer to the goal of the program but we’re even closer to transforming our promise to a life goal, soon enough you will hear and see the change we’re going to make, We WILL change the world.



–Mohamed ElMejrab

Mantra: Try, Fail, Try, Fail, Try


Concept Wall, Venture Development Center

Concept Wall, Venture Development Center

Today has changed my life. Everything I have learned today made me see things in a more focused and clear manner. I will be sharing with you my perception of everything that has happened for me to say that Wednesday the 9th of July is going to be a shift in my life.

We mostly spent our day at the Venture Development Center where we attended Entrepreneurship focused sessions. Allow me to describe first the beautiful environment we got the chance to stay in. the venture development center has such a classic yet modern design. It’s very bright and positive. I loved that they have adopted glass instead of white boards. Being there today has given me clarity and peace of mind to think through my course of actions. The place has brought out the best in me. During the sessions, I couldn’t help but think about everything that I have done in the past year and reflect on it. And the revelation was astonishing.

The Rules

The Rule 

I have been working so hard to pursue my dreams but what I’ve figured out today is that I have been working so hard rather than working smartly. I have been overstressing myself and wasting my energy on tasks I don’t really need just to prove to myself that I can do it. What I learned is that proving to myself is important yet I do it for a certain period of time and then move on. I can’t keep challenging myself in every tiny thing that I do. Rather than doing that, I need to focus and be committed to one task. I majored in Political Science this year along with Law just to prove to myself that I can do it and I did. I had internships throughout the year and pulled it off. I taught private lessons to undergraduate students. I took an extra course outside university on International criminal law and Procedure, was one of the highest scoring students and won a trip to Holland; a trip that I had to turn down because of my participation in MEPI. I don’t regret that at all because MEPI was what I needed. In this program I am having the chance to get all the courses that I would usually be willing to pay money to attend. If I could choose what kind of classes I would attend, they would look exactly like the schedule I receive every night and for that I am thankful to all the MEPI staff for their never-ending effort and dedication! Thank you Rachel, Dr. Tracey, Alicia, Alex, Emmanuel, Dr. Dan, Joel, Lizzy, Nikita, Shalu, Tarika and everyone else who took part in making this program successful. I am grateful for having met you because you have all made a huge impact on our future.

Today during class, several things intrigued me to the degree that I’ve reached clarity; every single piece of my past efforts fell into place. I have learnt that what I would like to be doing is called Social Entrepreneurship which is a business that seeks both personal and social gain. It is as Professor Freeman explained “The process of pursuing opportunity and producing economic and social benefits through the conception, validation and launch of new business models into the marketplace”

Dr. Freeman in the VDC

Dr. Freeman in the VDC

I want to help others people get a better life but the only way to do that is by leading the way and succeeding. If I’m a failure then I would never be able to impact a soul. Life has taught me that achievers get respect from the public. If people didn’t know me, they wouldn’t be really interested in listening to what I have to say or buy or take part in what I have to offer. However if I “speak the language of the person [I] want to become” then I believe that I will get a higher chance of fulfilling the goals I am after.

I am what I am after. My dreams define my character. Without them I am not alive. “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman.

photo 2

Mira at the VDC

According to Professor Freeman “people with an entrepreneurial mindset tend to notice problems and feel compelled to solve them “. I was glad that I am blessed with an entrepreneurial mindset and the symptoms he discussed, further confirmed me.

After that our first session ended, I was certain of the project that I would like to undertake. During that session my mind has shut the previous project that I had been planning for some time and decided to go through a totally different project that I am passionate about. The reason that I didn’t think of it earlier, even though it had been in front of me the entire time, was because I lacked clarity. I was focusing more on what challenges my country faces rather than where my passion lies and it hit me like lighting.


Moving on to the next part of my day where we got to meet a young achiever the CEO of ACCLAIM Aksel Gungor, the session we shared with him added more clarity to my vision. He had a basic philosophy, it’s something like this: try – fail – try – fail – try – fail, eventually you will reach a stage where all those points would add up and you would learn from all your past failures and make something big happen. Aksel advised us to treat everything like we’re in a lab because this attitude can really help improve the outcome. Personally, that was one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received because we’re here in this world to experiment. Some experiments turn out to be better than others but failure doesn’t give us reasons to give up and stop fighting. Excuses were the reason why a woman didn’t get funding for her project by the investors in Shark Tank. We need to ask ourselves this: are we going to be like her giving excuses to not pushing our projects further? Or are we going to fight until we reach our goal? Now let’s consider the other woman who came up with the towels idea. After losing her house, she could’ve taken the easy road and became bitter and miserable but instead she came up with an amazing idea that was small at that moment, but she drew a plan, stuck to it and eventually made it work. Personally that is a role model. Her commitment inspires me to give the best I can.

Mira and The Egyptian Delegation

Mira and The Egyptian Delegation

“Try so many different things and you will learn a lot:

1-     Try, fail, then try again; you will learn so much along the way.

2-     Follow your effort”

Priceless words. I admire the hope that Aksel has. It inspires me to believe in myself. It teaches me that it’s never too late to be the person you want to be. I admire how he perceives failure as a push forward and a lesson rather than a setback! “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work“ Thomas A. Edison. It’s funny how the brightest amongst us adopt that attitude instead of a give up attitude.

And when I thought that what he said was great, he adds a greater word “effort“.

Everyone tells me to follow my passion but sometimes my passion is not what I can put most effort in. I could relate so much to what Aksel had said about being passionate about music and so on. But passion for music wouldn’t realize his project instead a constant effort to a determined cause would get us to our destination.

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ and whenever the answer has been ‘no’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” Steve Jobs

Today, Wednesday the 9th of July 2014, has changed my life because today I have clarity. I have a clear vision. It’s not foggy anymore, it’s clear. I will face a lot of obstacles along the way to reaching to my destination but at least a higher vision would lead and enlighten my path. It is no longer about figuring out which courses to take, which internships to undertake, which place to go to, which scholarship to apply for… rather it is about being passionate about every little thing I do, it’s about prioritizing my tasks in a way that maintains balance in my life and in my mind because I’m telling you I am calm but my mind never shuts down. It’s always about the new thought, ide,a the next thing, how to push forward.

I am a fighter, a hard worker and a passionate person: and those are the three components to my recipe of success.

We’re getting exposed to a lot of new things on this program, I ask you to open your minds and embrace the new knowledge. I’m telling you, one word could impact you forever.

I love you all and I wish you a better journey ahead.

One for all and all for one!

Mira Fayad

Blue Hen and Addicted

Living a dream, an opportunity, a once in a life time adventure, couldn’t find a better chance to improve my skills and learn how is it to be active and how to be a good leader. It all started when I got this email that says congratulations that I got accepted in this whole program and I actually had a dream before I submitted to the program that I was in a beautiful place that has to do with universities and I was leaving it with good memories, and this is what is happening right now. I don’t’ know where to begin by telling you about this experience so far. Delaware, one of the most beautiful places I have been to, friendly people and a really beautiful place. Best people I have ever worked with, goodbyes are going to be so hard, I really love those people. Haven’t talked about what I have done yet but, the classes are so amazing, interesting and fun at the same time. Every place we went to is magnificent and we leave some good memories in it. Learning much about USA as much as learning about the other MENA region countries is really fun and it’s good at the same time because we are here not just to give the Americans a background about the MENA region countries but also to build a strong connection and spread peace between the countries in the MENA region. I really loved all the classes but my favorite was Dr.Steven Mortenson.  Every word that came out of his mouth counted and got  inside my head and learned a lot of things. I loved how the staff is putting a lot of effort to secure our safety and take care of us. We are a family, that’s how I see us right now. I see Blue Hens as my second family they’re all my brothers sisters and best friends. I’m going to do my best in this program and I will never .. never .. ever .. forget my Blue Hen family. <3


Georgetown University, MEPI Selfie with my GoPro

Georgetown University, MEPI Selfie with my GoPro