Edward McAuley PhD,
Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Psychology
University of Illinois
Dr. McAuley’s research emphasis is in exercise and health psychology. His work has primarily focused upon social cognitive determinants and consequences of exercise and physical activity with a particular interest in aging populations. As such, his work has examined how social, psychological, cognitive, and physiological variables interact to influence exercise behavior and the health outcomes associated with exercising.

Diane Abatemarco, PhD, MSW
Associate Professor, College of Population Health
Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Abatemarco has extensive expertise in maternal and child health; perinatal HIV; and global health. One of her current Projects includes Practicing Safety Mindfulness Project for Mothers in Drug Treatment. An intervention that employs Practicing Safety (PS) and Mindfulness Based Parenting (MBP) to enhance parental resilience in the face of stress and enhanced community care coordination, and to strengthen the ‘family medical home.’

Linda E. Carlson, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Professor Department of Oncology
Adjunct  Professor Department of Psychology
University of Calgary
Dr. Carlson’s research focuses on Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery. She is the Director of Research and works as a Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Psychosocial Resources at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. Research objectives include: Screening for cancer-related distress, Integrative oncology interventions (including mindfulness and complementary medicine approaches), Survivorship, and Diversity.

Nicole Culos-Reed, Ph.D.
Professor, Health & Exercise Psychology, Faculty of Kinesiology
Adjunct Professor, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine
University of Calgary

Dr. Culos-Reed’s work is on Physical Activity for Cancer Survivors, and focuses on utilizing a multidisciplinary perspective to understand and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors. Specifically, the goal of this research is to develop physical activity programs that positively impact the myriad of physical and psychological factors that cancer survivors experience, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.

Cynthia Paris, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
University of Delaware

Dr. Paris is currently conducting research with novice and experienced preschool and primary teachers who act with agency in order to provide child-centered and family-responsive learning environments and experiences in settings that encourage standardization. What is learned from this research will inform the preparation and ongoing support of teachers of young children.

Sean Hebbel, MSW, L.C.S.W
Sean has been working as an oncology social worker for 32 years; the past 20 being as Program Director of the Cancer Support Community Delaware. Sean functions as a “community partner” in community based participatory research, specifically, his involvement has been instrumental in collaboration for the ESCAPADE Study.