Mind Body Behavior Laboratory

Welcome to the Mind Body Behavior Laboratory in the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, at the University of Delaware!

The goal of our lab is to look at all of the ways mind body practices can impact health behaviors and outcomes. We aim to advance the community with our research to help develop and implement effective health intervention programs.

Through our website, we hope to give insight to our various research projects and findings. In addition, we hope to provide helpful resources that will increase the communities understanding and awareness of mind body practices.

Mind Body Behavior Lab at UD


Our mission is  to advance public health and medical care models to better include health behavior science as standard to health promotion and chronic disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Latest news and events

Navigating the End of the Semester

Here's an article featuring the leader of MBBL, Dr. Mike Mackenzie, discussing six ways to make it through the busiest time of the semester. This can be a powerful resource to help you capitalize on whatever you have left the last few days!...

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What’s All the Fuss About Mindfulness?

Check out this Delaware Today article that features Dr. Mackenzie, leader of the MBBL, discussing findings from MBBL research done with incorporating mindfulness into teaching with faculty and staff on campus! What's All the Fuss About...

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Countdown Breathing Exercise

Happy Friday! Here is a countdown breathing exercise led by Dr. Mackenzie. This exercise is intended to be short but effective in calming the body, it can be a great addition to your practice especially when you are crunched for...

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