Lu Ann De Cunzo

Professor of Anthropology and Early American Culture
Department of Anthropology
109 Munroe Hall
Newark, DE 19716

Lu Ann De Cunzo offers undergraduate courses on historical archaeology, material culture studies, and archaeological theory and practice. Her offerings include Introduction to Material Culture Studies, required for the American Material Culture Studies minor. This course offers students the opportunity to learn about material culture studies as a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary field by exploring historic and contemporary American cultures. Other teaching interests include the history of regional cultures in eastern North America and the archaeology of “multilocal” landscapes.

Her archaeological research on the power of ritual in institutional communities in 19th-century America has been published as a monograph issue of Historical Archaeology, in the International Journal of Historical Archaeology, and in Landscape Archaeology. More recent work to revive and rethink the concept of culture brokers and to approach an archaeology of the “cultures of agriculture” from the perspective of lived experience has appeared in several journals and formed the focus of People, Places, and Histories of Delaware: An Historical Archaeology of the Cultures of Agriculture, University of Tennessee Press (1994). In her teaching and publication, Dr. De Cunzo has been a strong advocate of archaeology in and for the public, and has co-edited Unlocking the Past: Historical Archaeology of North America for the University Press of Florida (2006) and

Dr. De Cunzo directs public historical archaeology research programs in New Castle and in Delaware’s Piedmont. Both programs engage scholars, students, institutional sponsors, and community members in research teams that are exploring the relationship between past and present in Delaware’s colonial capital and in the agricultural and estate landscape of northwestern Delaware. The technical reports documenting archaeological investigations at the Historical Society of Delaware’s George Read II House and Gardens in New Castle are currently under preparation.
In 2008-2009, Dr. De Cunzo will serve as President of the Society for Historical Archaeology, the primary professional association of archaeologists who study the making of the modern world.