Deborah C. Andrews

Center for Material Culture Studies
CAS Multidisciplinary Annex
77 E. Main St.
Newark DE 19716
Phone: 302.831.1208

Director, Center for Material Culture Studies
Professor, Department of English
Memorial Hall 135

Deborah C. Andrews, Professor of English at the University of Delaware, directs the university’s Center for Material Culture Studies. In the English department, she teaches courses in business communication, in interpreting objects and sites for public understanding, and in American literature from 1865 to 1945; through the minor in material culture studies she supervises internships, coordinates a yearly colloquium series, and teaches a seminar in strategies for researching and writing about the relationship between people and their things. She has published several articles, book chapters, and texts on professional communication, including Technical Communication in the Global Community and, most recently, Management Communication: A Guide.

A researcher, consultant, and speaker on many aspects of professional communication, especially in an international context, she is the former editor of Business Communication Quarterly. She has combined her interests in communication and material culture in presentations and publications addressing banking architecture in Philadelphia, nineteenth century household management guides, Chicago novels with an architectural bent, and workspace design as it reflects changes in the meaning of work and in the technology and practices of communication. Most recently, she edited an anthology, Shopping: Places, Pleasures, and Perils (in press, University of Delaware Press). For more about her teaching career, see