2012 The Material Culture of Sports

29 August Matt Robinson, Director, Institute for Global Studies, and Department of Business Administration,“The Value Internationally of an Olympic Gold Medal.”
05 September Tom Pauly, Department of English,“The Early Evolution of American Sports from Leisure Recreation to Strenuous Competition.”
12 September David Smith, Department of Biological Sciences,“Baseball Scorecards: Advertisements as Social Commentary.”
19 September Mark Bowden, Writer and Department of English,“Inside the National Football League.”
26 September David Ames, Center for Historic Architecture,“Take me Out to the Old Ballpark.”
03 October Hye-Shin Kim and Sharron Lennon, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies,“Sportswear: Brand Fit and Counterfeit.”
10 October John Jebb, Department of English,“Sports in American Literature: Books and Values.”
17 October Alison Kreitzer, Department of History,“’The Racer’s Edge’: STP and Marketing in Modern Motorsports.”
24 October James Angelini, Department of Communications,“Sports, Gender, and Television.”
31 October Rebecca Johnson Melvin, Special Collections, UD Library and Ray Nichols, Lead Graffiti,“Working with Special Collections: Not Just a Spectator Sport.” [For background on the Tour de Lead Graffiti], see http://leadgraffiti.com/news/tour-de-lead-graffiti-2012/14.asp
07 November Kyle Herring, UD student and skater,“Myth, Memory, and Memorabilia: The 1980 Olympic ‘Miracle on Ice’ in Lake Placid.”
14 November Anne Krulikowski, Department of History,“The American Country Club: Architecture for Suburban Sports.”
28 November Ron Whittington,“Lights on the Field of Dreams: The Negro League and Night Play”
05 December Alex McKee, Department of English,“From Tea Parties to Tournaments: Tennis, Modernity, and Gender”