2010: Fiber and Fashion

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1 September. Course introduction

8 September. Kelly Cobb, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies, “The 100 mile suit project: Fashion as an exercise in regionalism”

15 September. Visit to the historic costume collection, 202Alison Hall

22 September. Marsha Dickson, Chair, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies

29 September Nicole Belolan. Graduate student, American Civilization program, Department of History. “Berlin needlework: Victorian craft or kitsch? “

6 October. Michael Keefe, Department of Mechanical Engineering, “Stretching fabric to the limit: Using textiles for ballistic protection”

13 October. Martha McDonald. American performance artist with textiles now living in Australia, “The further the distance, the tighter the knot”

20 October. Margaret Stetz, Mae & Robert Carter Professor, Women’s Studies, “Fabricating girls’coming of age fiction”

27 October. Wendy Rosie Scott. London-based freelance broadcast journalist, writer, lecturer and consultant specializing in culture and lifestyle, “Fashion: The Makings of a fake fairytale”

3 November. John Bernard. Department of Food and Resource Economics.

10 November Mary Smull. Fashion designer, “So ****ing labor intensive: Art, textiles, and eBay converge in the 21st Century”

17 November  Linda Eaton, Director of Collections and Senior Curator of Textiles, Winterthur Museum

24 November no class

1 December.  Perry Chapman, Department of Art History, “Clothes and costumes in Rembrandt’s self portraits”

8 December. Fashion Entrepreneur Sarah Van Aken of S.V.A Holdings, Philadelphia