2009 Interpreting Objects

2 September Getting lost in an object.
9 September Julian Yates, Department of English,

“’Oranges and lemons say….’; Or, nursery rhymes and material culture.”
16 September Lance Winn, Department of Art,

“Frankenstein revisited: Technology and monsters.”
23 September Martin Brueckner, Department of English,

“Map, wars, and object lessons: The cult of cartifacts in 19th century America.”
30 September Will Scott, Department of History.

“The retail revolution: From Main Street to mall, 1900-1960.”
7 October MEET IN THE MECHANICAL HALL GALLERY. Julie McGee, Curator of African American Art, tour of the current exhibit,

“Sound: Print: Record: African American Legacies.”
2009 exhibition
14 October Ritchie Garrison, Department of History and Winterthur Program in American Material Culture,

“Before FedEX and UPS: The Atlantic world and the problem of freight.”
21 October Joyce Hill Stoner, Department of Art Conservation,

“Speaking directly with the artists: Focus on the Wyeths.”
28 October Lu Ann DeCunzo, Department of Anthropology,

“What their garbage tells us about people in the past.”
4 November Marcy Dinius, Department of English,

“Mirror with a memory: The American daguerreotype.”
11 November MEET AT THE RAVEN PRESS, 2nd floor, Studio Arts Building, near Old College.
Ashley Pigford, Department of Art, workshop on type and hand printing.
18 November Alison Klaum, Department of English,

“Pressing flowers: Floral representations in Nineteenth Century print ephemera” and Ginny Garnett, Department of English,

“Scrapbooks and SuperFans: May Ward’s tribute to Ellen Terry.”
25 November No class.
2 December Anne Krulikowski, Department of History,

“Through the Colonial (Revival) doorway: Fact and fancy in the Gilded Age.”
9 December Amanda Norbutus, Department of Art Conservation,

“Preserving the meaning (and materials) of public murals” and Andy Bozanic, Department of History,

“From whiskey bottles to railroad nails: Everyday objects and the history of the acoustic guitar.”